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N26 Black account membership launches today in the UK

Black is the new black, or so we’re told. That’s why we’re delighted to present even more choice for our customers in the UK, with the arrival of the N26 Black account membership plan!

With N26 Black you’ll get a sleek, wallet-enhancing black debit card that’s perfect for use at home and abroad everyday.

A bank card without borders

No need to visit the Bureau de Change ever again – N26 Black makes your traveller’s cheques and backpacks stuffed with pre-bought foreign currency a thing of the past. All you need is your bank card.

N26 Black lets you withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide in any currency without fees or markups and you’ll always get Mastercard’s mid-market exchange rate. Add this to free card payments online and in-store anywhere in the world, and you can spend on your travels like you never left home.

An affordable companion for your journeys

As well as global spending freedom, N26 Black membership comes with the opportunity to create up to 10 Spaces sub-accounts to really make the most out of your budget. Spaces is the perfect companion for travelling. Need to save up for that plane ticket? Create a custom space and save towards the ticket amount. Visually track your progress and create separate spaces to designate to each aspect of your travels; “food”, “sightseeing”, and so on. When you need to spend from that space, move money between these and your main account as freely as you like – the world is your oyster.

Choose the right account for you

Currently, we offer three different types of account membership plans in the UK – N26 standard (our free bank account), N26 Metal (our premium account with travel and consumer insurance) and now N26 Black is the latest to join the range. Not sure which one to get? Compare all the pricing and benefits over on our website to help you decide.

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