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Nine of the best coworking spaces in Europe

We’re helping nomads plan their next work adventure with a list of the coolest coworking spaces in Europe. With picks in nine countries, there’s a remote office for everyone.

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With remote work becoming the norm for many companies in the post-pandemic age, the demand for cool coworking spaces has skyrocketed. And many remote workers aren’t content to simply walk down the street to the nearest coworking space. They want to try their hand at living and working abroad, adopting a digital nomadic lifestyle that turns the typical 9 to 5 into a new adventure every day. 

If this sounds like you—or if you’re just looking for a temporary change of scenery—check out this list of the nine best coworking spaces in Europe. Fair warning: it might inspire you to catch the next train to Paris or Prague!

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1. Second Home

Where you’ll find it: Lisbon, Portugal

Standout amenity: Its biophilic interior design  

Perched above the lively Mercado da Ribeira and hidden among literally thousands of plants, Second Home is exactly what its name promises: a home away from home. Here, wellness is a priority. A carefully curated membership program includes yoga, pilates, meditation classes, and weekly surfing lessons that take advantage of the building’s seafront location. 

But what keeps visitors from far and wide coming back to Second Home is the space’s impressive collection of exotic plants, which adorn nearly every surface. The lush interior is no accident; it’s a product of what’s known as biophilic design. The biophilia hypothesis states that spaces that mimic nature not only calm the nervous system, but also increase creativity and focus. So, if you’re looking for a relaxing natural paradise where the ideas flow free and fast, you’ve found your Second Home.

2. Mindspace Skalitzer

Where you’ll find it: Berlin, Germany

Standout amenity: The Mindspace Virtual community 

In the very heart of Kreuzberg, one of Berlin’s hippest and most vibrant neighborhoods, you’ll find the Mindspace Skalitzer coworking space. Its bright, minimalistic interiors culminate in a stunning lounge area with an impressive library of books to peruse. This is the ideal coworking space for anyone who wants both the excitement of city life—and a place to retreat from it.

With weekly yoga classes, a soda and coffee bar, and an open kitchen, Mindspace offers every modern convenience for the remote worker. And, thanks to a virtual community of over 15,000 members and online events every week, Mindspace members can network with like-minded professionals from all over the world. Oh, and Mindspace’s pet-friendly policy means that dogs are always welcome to network, too.

3. Bouncespace

Where you’ll find it: Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Standout amenity: You can get a haircut (or a tattoo) during your lunch break

Just a short walk from the always-bustling Vondelpark, Bouncespace is located inside a stunningly refurbished factory building. The coworking space takes up the second floor, but the ground floor belongs to an espresso bar, a hairdresser, and a tattoo shop. Work breaks are naturally spent either wandering through the park or connecting with fellow remote workers over a latte in the cafe. 

If you’re planning to stick around for a few weeks, Bouncespace’s amenities will make it worth your while. It’s hard to get bored or uninspired when you have a pool table, open kitchen, lounge, and regular social events at your disposal.

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4. Mortimer House

Where you’ll find it: London, UK

Standout amenity: Room service, delivered to your desk

With its lovingly restored art deco details and exquisitely designed interiors, Mortimer House is a charming environment to set up shop in. Members can spend their downtime in a light and stylish lounge, or head up to the balcony terrace and bar for a networking drink with fellow coworkers.

But it’s Mortimer House’s focus on wellness that elevates it to one of the best coworking spaces in Europe. Here, members can enjoy a gym with fitness classes, personal trainers, table tennis, and even a meditation room. And that’s not to mention the “room service,” which can be delivered to individual desks on demand.

5. The Bureau – 28 Cours Albert 1er

Where you’ll find it: Paris, France

Standout amenity: A hotel-quality concierge service

Bordering the River Seine with views of the Eiffel Tower, The Bureau makes the most of its location in the middle of Paris. Designed by the architectural agency Atelier MKD alongside interior designers The Socialite Family, The Bureau’s standout feature is its chic, sophisticated interiors. 

Inspired by the aesthetic of high-end boutique hotels, The Bureau is the coworking space for anyone looking to add a degree of luxury to their working environment. As a member, you can enjoy fitness rooms, yoga classes, a coffee shop, designated wellness areas, a concierge service, and a restaurant that occasionally transforms into a late-night event venue.

6. Commons Unirii

Where you’ll find it: Bucharest, Romania

Standout amenity: Communal relaxation spaces

In downtown Bucharest, spread across three floors with high ceilings and large, naturally lit rooms, you’ll find Commons Unirii. This is one of the city’s most beloved coworking spaces, and with good reason. Sporting an industrial steampunk aesthetic blending seamlessly with warm, stylish furnishings, this coworking space is certainly easy on the eye.

However, it’s the communal relaxation spaces that are the heart of Commons Unirii. These spaces take the pressure out of networking and create a comfortable environment in which to mingle and share ideas.


Where you’ll find it: Budapest, Hungary

Standout amenity: Community-driven events programming

A forward-thinking coworking space in the center of Budapest, KAPTÁR is home to a diverse, thriving community of coworkers focused on changing the way we work. With its well-lit interiors and welcoming vibe, it’s easy to feel at home at KAPTÁR. Additional benefits include a self-service cafe, beanbags, standing desks, a pet-friendly policy, and specialty coffee.

But KAPTÁR’s greatest feature is its regular program of community-driven events. From casual cafe chats and networking events to Friday evening wine nights, these events make it easy to identify as a “KAPTÁRian” from the start.

8. Paper Hub

Where you’ll find it: Prague, Czech Republic

Standout amenity: Cardboard honeycomb furnishings

Part of the Paralelní Polis—a project started in 2014 by the Ztohoven collective of artists—Paper Hub is the world’s first coworking space to only accept payments in cryptocurrencies. Predominantly a coworking hub for those working in crypto, it also welcomes anyone interested in digital freedom and decentralization. 

True to its name, Paper Hub’s interior is furnished with striking cardboard honeycomb furniture. (You may also recognize works by Prague-based guerilla artist Roman Tyc.) In addition to the open working space, chillout zone, and terrace, you can enjoy access to a range of inspiring community events.

9. Mokrin House of Ideas

Where you’ll find it: Mokrin, Serbia

Standout amenity: Working amidst the serenity of village life

If you want to get away from it all and focus on building your career from the peace of the countryside, the Mokrin House of Ideas may be for you. Located in the village of Mokrin in Serbia, this rural coworking and co-living concept champions a focus on the things that matter. 

As a coworker at the Mokrin House of Ideas, you can enjoy three homemade meals cooked for you each day—plus a designated workspace, ensuite bedroom, swimming pool, and gym. And thanks to the house’s stunning rural setting, you’ll have plenty of space to develop your creative ideas on long walks in the countryside.

How to find a coworking space when traveling

When you’re on the move, discovering the best coworking spaces in your area as quickly as possible is ideal. One of the best and simplest ways to locate a coworking space near you is to use the Coworker search engine. Simply enter the city where you want to work and whether you’re looking for a private desk, private office, meeting room, or virtual office. Coworker will take care of it from there. 

Alternatively, there are a range of apps you can use to help you find coworking spaces when traveling. Depending on which location you’re searching in, you can use Croissant, One CoWorking, or Worka to find some nearby coworking options.

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