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Become a master of money with N26 and Perlego

Understanding finances can sometimes seem like a tricky subject, so why not take the opportunity to gain a little extra know-how around all things finance? In the spirit of the new academic year already upon us, we’ve partnered with Perlego to curate a reading list called ‘Books to help you nail your personal finances’, designed to help you grab your financial life by the horns.

Perlego is an Online Learning Library designed with students in mind. One annual subscription gives you access to more than 200,000 academic and educational books on a wide range of subjects, so you’re guaranteed to find some cold-weather reading material or an eBook for your coursework.

N26 You and Metal account holders in the UK can take advantage of a 50% discount on an annual subscription, simply by logging into their N26 app and heading to the partner offers section and using the code to get their discount.

Not a You or Metal customer? You can either upgrade to an N26 premium account in the app to take advantage of this discount and many more as part of your account membership. N26 Campus Student Ambassadors can also up to 30% off an annual Perlego subscription depending on their tier, for another great reason to tell other students about N26.

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