Coworkers embracing after exchanging inexpensive holiday gifts.

12 fun and inexpensive gifts for coworkers (all for under €20)

If you’re wondering what to get your colleagues for the holidays, these 12 cheap and fun coworker gift ideas have you covered.

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Buying gifts for your friends and family during the holidays is difficult enough. But figuring out what might be an appropriate gift for a coworker comes with a whole other set of challenges. Whether you’re participating in an office Secret Santa exchange or you just want to surprise your colleagues with something nice, the trick is to find the right balance between thoughtfulness and affordability. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our 12 favorite inexpensive gifts for coworkers. The best part: everything here comes in at around €20 or less, so you can win secret Santa without breaking the bank!

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1. A set of Tupperware

While this may seem like an unusual choice, you should never underestimate the gift of organization. Tupperware is practical, sure, but it’s also a gift that’s likely to be used. So, treat your coworker to a lifetime of neat, easily transportable lunches. They’ll thank you for it on your next lunch break!

2. A small houseplant

For your colleague with a green thumb, a cute plant makes a welcome addition to any apartment. Particularly hardy plants include the pothos, snake plant, or aloe vera, but if you want a plant that’s a little more visually exciting, choose one from the calathea family. While slightly more high-maintenance than your standard spider plant, calatheas come in a stunning array of colors that are bound to put a smile on your coworker’s face.

3. A colorful keyboard cover

Why not bring a little cheer to your coworker’s office set-up with a colorful keyboard cover? Just make sure you know exactly what kind of computer (PC or Mac) they have and what kind of keyboard they have, so you can match the right cover to the model. 

4. A desk organizer

For your coworker who’s a neat freak—or maybe just in need of a little more order in their lives—a cool desk organizer makes a great gift. Bonus points if you spot it on your next Zoom call! 

5. A month-long coffee box subscription

With this gift, it’s possible your coworker will thank you every morning for weeks. A coffee box subscription is one of our favorite —and certainly more exciting than a bag of coffee or a cheap grinder. And if your coworker enjoys their month-long subscription, they may even become permanent subscribers. That’ll give you something to talk about across the water cooler until the end of time.

6. Tarot cards

For the coworker who’s in touch with their mystical side, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful deck of tarot cards. With so many to choose from, you’re spoiled for choice. Just make sure you cash in on a tarot reading once they become familiar with the deck. Who knows what your future may reveal!

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7. Cocktail tumblers 

Got an aspiring mixologist at the office? A set of cocktail tumblers designed to keep drinks cool for longer will make the perfect gift. Plus, you might even score yourself one or two delicious drinks the next time they reach for the cocktail shaker.

8. A daily planner

When it comes to inexpensive gifts for coworkers, you can’t really go wrong with a daily planner. Practical but also personal, planners make particularly great gifts for your more goal-oriented, self-reflective coworkers. They may also spark your less reflective colleagues to .

9. A desk lamp

By now, you’re probably well-acquainted with your colleagues' desks, be they at home or in the office. That means you also know which of them could benefit the most from having a better-lit working area. A desk lamp makes a great inexpensive gift for a coworker, as there are so many well-designed yet cheap models to choose from. 

10. A fruit infuser bottle

There’s always that one coworker who’s obsessed with staying hydrated. If you draw their name for Secret Santa, a fruit infuser water bottle makes for a great gift. Not only does it make drinking water a little bit more fun, but the bottles can also look pretty stylish.

11. A laptop case

If your colleague makes frequent trips to the office or a , surprise them with a new laptop case that’ll keep their computer extra-safe on its travels. If they frequently walk or cycle to work, consider gifting them a waterproof laptop case to protect it from those wet and windy winter days.

12. A custom tote bag

If you’re feeling creatively inspired (or if you have an in-joke that would look great printed on a bag), consider gifting your coworker a custom tote. Cheap, easy, and fun, tote bags are a mainstay in the “inexpensive gifts” category for a reason. And if you’re feeling especially generous, you could even put a little bottle of something in there as an added surprise.

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