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The best cashback apps of 2022

Reach your savings goals faster with these smart cashback apps.

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Many people think of cashback primarily as a card benefit. The premise is straightforward enough—use your card on purchases, and earn back a percentage of the amount you spend in cash rewards. But cashback reward programs are no longer limited to just debit and credit cards. A number of new apps allow users to earn cash back on their purchases—and the best cashback apps can really give your savings an extra boost.

With one (or several) of these cashback apps in your toolkit, you may be able to claim partial refunds on thousands of different purchases. To get you started, we’ve put together a list of the best cashback apps of 2022. But before we get into the specifics, let’s review how these cashback apps work to help you save money fast.

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How do cashback apps work?

Cashback apps typically work in one of two ways:

  1. Pre-purchase coupons and special deals. With in-app discounts for various different partner brands, this type of cashback app allows you to enjoy exclusive money-saving options before you purchase an item.
  2. Post-purchase rewards or refunds. Working with several partner stores and services, a cashback app may refund you a percentage of a product’s cost after you’ve bought it. Purchases are typically made directly in the app, but sometimes you may be asked to upload photos of product receipts to the app instead.

The 8 best cashback apps of 2022

This list of the best cashback apps of 2022 only includes apps that are available within the EU. If they’re not available EU-wide, the countries where they are available are otherwise stated.

Best cashback app for a variety of partner stores: LetyShops

Availability: EU-wide

With 20 million users worldwide, LetyShops is one of the fastest-growing cashback apps in the world.

Available as both an app and a browser extension, LetyShops offers cashback from a staggering 3,845 partner stores. Customers can save money on purchases from the likes of Microsoft, Etsy, Aliexpress, Adobe, Levis, and 

Download LetyShops for Android / iOS.

Best cashback app for earning task-based rewards: Swagbucks

Availability: EU-wide

Slightly different from the other apps on the list, Swagbucks gives you cashback for completing in-app tasks. Such tasks may include watching a short video, filling out a questionnaire, or playing an online game. 

Once you’ve successfully completed one of these missions, you’ll be rewarded with either a cashback gift card from one of Swagbucks’ partner stores or with money that’s deposited directly into your PayPal account. Cashback partners include Levis, British Airways, eBay, Samsung, NordVPN, and Adidas, so you have plenty to choose from!

Download Swagbucks for Android / iOS.

Best cashback app for collecting in-app points: Payback

Availability: DE, PL, IT, AT, HRV, SK, SI, CZ, and HU

Payback offers cashback options for over 70 different stores, including eBay, Adidas, and BonPrix. 

Start collecting points by using the app’s different special offers, making in-app purchases, or using Payback Pay to pay for in-store purchases at selected partners. Once you’ve collected enough Payback points, you can cash them out directly or put them towards future purchases. 

Download Payback for Android / iOS.

Best cashback app for deals on the web: Honey Smart Shopping Assistant 

Availability: UK, DE, FR, IT, NL, and ES

Honey Smart Shopping Assistant is available as both a browser extension and an app. Honey scours the web for the best vouchers, offers, and deals, bringing them together and presenting them all in-app. 

While you can use the desktop extension to check if an online shop you’re browsing has any available offers, the app brings the deals directly to you. This cashback app allows you to find deals, use vouchers, and earn rewards from hundreds of stores, including JD Sports and Uniqlo.

Download Honey Smart Shopping Assistant for Android / iOS.

Best cashback app for bargain hunters: Groupon+

Availability: EU-wide

The world’s largest platform for online deals, Groupon offers special discounts on holidays, yoga sessions, restaurants, cupcakes, and much more. Once you’ve downloaded the app, simply select your city and search for deals in your area. 

Groupon+ works slightly differently from Groupon, as it’s specifically a cashback app. Once you’ve found a deal, claimed it, and purchased the item, Groupon+ will reimburse you—sometimes up to 30% of the original purchase price!

Download Groupon for  Android / iOS.

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Best cashback app for grocery deals: ALDI Süd or ALDI Nord

Availability for Aldi Süd: IRL, GBR, HU, CH, IT, AT, and SI

Availability for Aldi Nord: DK, FR, BE, NL, PT, ES, and PL

If you want to save more on your groceries, the free ALDI app is a great place to start. Showcasing weekly deals as well as “Specialbuys” that crop up every Thursday and Sunday, this app puts hundreds of grocery deals at your fingertips. Plus, you can turn on notifications so you’ll never miss when a new Specialbuy drops!

Download ALDI for Android / iOS.

Best cashback app for vacation deals: Travelzoo

Availability: UK, DE, ES, FR

Travelzoo offers over 2,000 special travel deals that include city breaks, sporty trips, country retreats, and many more. 

Simply browse through all of Travelzoo’s available offers, select the one you like, and either use your offer in-app or purchase it via the provider using a Travelzoo voucher. While largely an aggregator of travel deals, Travelzoo also offers vouchers for restaurants, spas, and other travel-friendly entertainment activities.

Download Travelzoo for Android / iOS.

Best cashback app for online and local stores: myWorld Benefits & Cashback

Availability: EU-wide

The myWorld Benefits and Cashback app lets you claim money back while you’re on the go. 

While you can claim cashback by making in-app purchases, you can also use the app to secure voucher codes, eVouchers, and special deals that you can then use in their partner stores. To find a nearby myWorld partner, open the app and search for deals near you. Then, browse through the different offers, select one you like, redeem your myWorld points, and use the deal when making your purchase. 

Download myWorld Benefits for Android / iOS.

While the above list covers the best cashback apps available in the EU, there are hundreds of great apps that are currently only available in the U.S. 

Here are some of our favorites:


This app doesn’t rely on coupons or promotional codes. Instead, once a customer purchases an item from one of Ibotta’s partner stores, they upload a photo of their receipt. Customers can also purchase items directly through the app to receive a partial refund.


One of the first available cashback apps, RetailMeNot focuses more on coupons and special offers. However, it also offers discounts for receipts uploaded to the app and barcodes scanned for select partners.


Rakuten offers cashback on purchases made through the online Rakuten shopping portal—either in-app or via a browser extension. Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten now features deals for over 3,500 online retailers!

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