Libra: your financial horoscope

Libra serves as the mediator among the star signs, but it can be knocked off balance, too. Find out what this means for Libra’s financial habits here.

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Love horoscopes? Or think they’re a lot of fuss about nothing? Obviously, people have different views on star signs. To date, scientists haven’t found any proof that the planets and stars have an influence on personality — but still, the descriptions are often spot-on. This might be due to astrology’s long history, which stretches back for millennia: Even the Sumerians and Ancient Greeks set store by the signs of the zodiac. The characteristics described by Claudius Ptolemy are still the foundations of astrology today, and they have a lot to reveal about financial habits. That’s why the star signs x N26 series is looking at everything to do with the twelve star signs and how they handle money. In this article, we’re concentrating on a sign that sometimes loses its balance in its quest for justice: Libra. 


The star sign Libra’s dates are September 24 to October 23, and it’s in the seventh house of the ecliptic plane, directly opposite Aries. Like Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn, Libra is a cardinal sign. These signs represent change and fresh starts and are associated with a certain level of tension and dynamism, as they mark the changing of the seasons. Fall starts in earnest during Libra’s period. The days get shorter, the leaves change color, and nature eases into its rest after the demands of summer. But it’s not called “golden October” for nothing — temperatures can suddenly shoot up and the sun can shine from dawn to dusk. So, Libra’s season isn’t clear-cut.

The star sign gets its name from the constellation of Libra. A good 4,000 years ago, the Sumerians thought this constellation looked like a set of scales, and the Ancient Romans adopted this meaning around 100 BCE. Other cultures, however, thought the stars were part of Scorpius — more precisely, its claws. It was only in 1930 that the Libra constellation was identified as separate from Scorpius.  

Libra, like Aquarius and Gemini, has air as its element. That means it’s more of a rational star sign. The Libra star sign is male, but its ruling planet, Venus, is female. Venus represents various things, including aesthetics, beauty, love, emotions, and balance. Speaking of balance, Libra is also a study in contrasts. The planet Saturn is exalted in Libra, which means that Saturn’s qualities can be fully expressed in this sign. As one of the outer planets, Saturn symbolizes social cohesion, a sense of responsibility, order, and a holistic perspective. So, what does this all mean for Libra’s personality? Let's start by looking at the positive characteristics of the Libra star sign.

Libra’s key character traits

Cheerful and optimistic, self-confident and well-groomed, Libras always make a good impression. That’s also their biggest concern — no other star sign is as desperate for things to be in harmony. It's no surprise that people with a Libra horoscope are often open-minded, understanding, and easy-going. They’re valued for their listening ear, communication skills, tact, and great memory. Whether it’s heartache, money worries, or an important date, Libras remember every detail. Despite their sensitive side, Libras aren’t driven by their emotions in the same way that Pisces can be. As an air sign, Libra makes rational decisions and weighs all the pros and cons carefully.

The Libra star sign is well-known for its sense of fairness and diplomacy. If two people are butting heads, Libras step in— so they often work as judges, therapists, mediators, or in customer service. While Libras listen to everything the opposing parties have to say, they don’t let themselves get dragged into conflicts. One of Libra’s best characteristics is their ability to see the bigger picture. That’s why Libras — male or female — know that arguments are part of life and that they usually blow over before too long.

Instead of wallowing in negativity, Libras prefer to soak up the beauty of the world. From fashion and art to architecture, design, and great food, Libras have a flair for aesthetics. Plus, they have a creative streak and a fertile imagination, thanks to their ruling planet Venus. In other words, Libra is tailor-made for a career in fashion or interior design, or as a founder, creator, or influencer. It’s no surprise that lots of household names are Libras: Kim Kardashian, Kate Winslet, Will Smith, and Jesse Eisenberg, just to name a few. The Libra star sign feels at home in the world of the glitterati, but they can do without the stress it brings. Libra’s character traits include a desire for calm and order. A glass of fine wine in their hand, an art book on their lap, and cozy lighting — that’s how Libra likes to enjoy life.  

Negative Libra traits

There are two sides to every story —  and nobody knows that better than people who have their birthday during Libra season. While Libras might appear self-assured, cheerful, and even-tempered, they can also be moody, difficult, and indecisive. When confronted with too many opinions and viewpoints, they can get overwhelmed and struggle to see the forest for the trees. From a career change to choosing the best pastry in a café, decisions can be difficult for people with Libra traits. They sometimes take so long to make a decision that someone else makes it for them, or they miss the deadline at hand. This is a characteristic example of self-sabotage, and men or women with the Libra star sign are often their own greatest enemy. On top of that, Libras are seen as being flighty — stereotypically, they have a hard time making romantic commitments and tend to cancel plans because they said “yes” to too many people. Security-loving star signs like Cancer or Capricorn can find this pretty irritating. 

People with Libra as their star sign or with Libra rising are often said to shy away from conflict. They do everything they can to avoid ending up in the firing line themselves. If there’s one thing Libras hate doing, it’s taking a stance. Ultra-loyal signs of the zodiac, such as Leos, can become infuriated by this. At the end of the day, Leo wants to feel that their nearest and dearest are totally on their side. In this respect, Libras are like their element, air: hard to grasp and often changing direction.

As Malcolm X famously said, “A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.” Libras would do well to remember this, since they set a great deal of store by other people’s opinions and don’t want to cause offense. This makes them relatively easy to manipulate and unsettle. Conversely, Libra’s horoscope says they’re also capable of being somewhat scheming. As charming networkers, Libras know how to get other people on-side and delegate unattractive tasks or decisions to them. And Libra men and women can be so charismatic that the other person often doesn’t realize they’re being exploited.

Their diplomatic demeanor and aesthetic standards have led to Libras being associated with something else, too: superficiality. In fact, this star sign cares a lot about their appearance and is a chief spreader of good vibes. As an attentive listener with analytical skills and a marked sense of justice, they’re anything but air-headed, though. And why shouldn’t they surround themselves with the finer things in life? Libras are pleasure-seekers who know that happiness is a mindset: You just need to focus to see the harmony in the chaos. 

Libra’s financial horoscope

As you can tell, there’s a lot to say about the typical characteristics of Libra as a star sign. But what does this all mean for their financial habits?

How Libras handle money

Income and expenses, plus or minus, withdrawals or savings: People with a Libra star sign can never make up their mind when it comes to money. Whether it’s new clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, or furniture, their love of luxury and eye for fashion trends make it hard to stick to a budget. At the same time, they’re better at earning money than almost any other sign of the zodiac, whether at flea markets, with their own business ideas, or during salary negotiations. This means that Libras are often stuck in a never-ending cycle of boom and bust — and their savings hardly grow. With so much coming in and going out, it’s hard for them to keep an eye on their finances and set money aside each month.

That’s not to say that Libras are wasteful or disorganized. They just believe everything will turn out for the best. Libra’s indecisiveness also comes with financial benefits, too. As an air sign, Libras rarely go with their gut. Before making a major purchase, they usually spend ages considering the decision from all sides — which also means that they sometimes miss a special offer or a particular date. Libras also like everything to be neat and tidy, with bills filed away and categorized with color-coordinated Post-its or dividers — so there’s at least the appearance of financial tranquility.

As a sociable sign of the Zodiac, Libras aren’t shy about seeking help with financial matters. But if you ask a lot of questions, you’ll get a lot of answers. And that doesn't make it easier, as people with a Libra horoscope value others’ opinions and take them into consideration. Unlike secretive Scorpios or independent Virgos, people born in the months of Libra are happy to talk about managing shared finances. That gives them a sense of security and the chance to engage in dialog. However, they can really annoy others with their inability to make decisions and their (apparent) lack of commitment, unless they’re with ultra-patient partners like Taurus.

Get your finances in order — whatever your star sign

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