N26 Business Smart

The new business bank account for freelancers

Discover a new way to do business banking, right from your smartphone. Unlock powerful features to better manage your money, and enjoy 0.1% cashback on all card purchases.

Image of a mobile phone showing a subaccount on the screen and a black busimness N26 debit card in the side.
hand holding a N26 business debit card with the words "Spend" and "Save" in the background.

Your colorful Mastercard debit card

Define your personal brand with an eye-catching Mastercard debit card in your choice of color—Ocean, Sand, Rhubarb, Aqua or Slate. Get 5 free ATM withdrawals every month, free payments in any currency, and zero foreign transaction fees while spending on business trips abroad. Stay flexible with mobile payments, and start using your card before it arrives in the mail.

Earn 0.1% cashback

It pays to spend with N26 Business Smart. Get 0.1% cashback on all purchases when you pay with your business Mastercard—and reinvest these profits right back into your business. Your cashback gets automatically deposited into your bank account every month—it’s easy!

N26 You Timeline Feature in App.

N26 Business Smart, packed with benefits


All transactions in your N26 account are automatically categorized into a monthly overview. It’s the ideal way to learn from your spending habits and optimize your business expenses.

N26 Rules for easier saving

Putting money aside for taxes, or office furniture? Saving is easier with N26 Rules. Set up a rule, and automatically transfer money between your main account and sub-accounts.

100% mobile banking

N26 Business Smart is a business bank account that lives on your smartphone. Manage your money anytime and anywhere, on your phone or through the N26 WebApp.

Tax refunds and invoices made easy

Need to access your statements for the tax man? Download transactions lists in PDF or CSV formats—all easily accessible via the WebApp on your desktop.

Organize your finances with Spaces sub-accounts

Create up to 10 Spaces sub-accounts with IBANs in seconds, and instantly set money aside from your main account. Then create standing orders for recurring payments, pay bills via direct debit, send and receive SEPA bank transfers, or get paid from clients—right into each sub-account.

Splitting business expenses with co-workers? Manage funds with others in a Shared Space. And if you're saving for your next project, try Round-Ups—we’ll help you save up the spare change whenever you pay by card.

Discover Spaces
image of two N26 subaccount showing the "main account" and "Back to college" spaces to budget money.

Get incoming payments in a flash

Your N26 Business Smart account supports incoming SEPA transactions. This means that you’ll receive incoming SEPA payments in real time, without having to wait days for the money to appear in your account. You can also use MoneyBeam to send, receive and request money from other N26 customers instantly.

N26 You Instant Push Notification about payment to an airline with two flight tickets in the background.

Banking safely.

3D Secure

Add an extra layer of protection to your online purchases with Mastercard 3D Secure—an advanced two-factor authentication step.

Push notifications in real time

Receive alerts on your smartphone after each transaction, and get notified immediately when you receive payments from clients.

Biometric authentication

Thanks to fingerprint authentication or facial recognition, you can login to your account in seconds and prevent unauthorized access attempts.

Deposit protection up to €100.000

N26 is a fully licensed bank, so any funds that you deposit in your account are protected up to €100.000 by the German Deposit Protection Scheme.

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Partner offers for you and your business

Get access to special partner offers that make your life easier. Enjoy deals and discounts from world-renowned brands from the likes of Google Ads or Fiverr.

Customer Support via phone and chat

Whatever your need, our Customer Support team is always on-hand to help you in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. If you’ve run into an issue or have a question, simply reach our specialists directly via the in-app chat, visit the N26 Support Center to quickly find answers to your questions, or give us a call on the premium customer support hotline.

N26 You Business Card, Ocean.

The business account on your smartphone

Open your N26 Business Smart bank account, directly on your phone or through the N26 website. Sign up only takes a few minutes—just make sure you have your smartphone and a valid form of ID handy.

N26 Business Smart costs €4.90 per month. Upgrade to benefit from 0.1% cashback, up to 10 Spaces sub-accounts, automatic categorization of spending, and special partner offers.


Which perks will I receive with the N26 Business Smart account?

N26 Business Smart comes with a colorful N26 debit card. Designed for freelancers and the self-employed, this business bank account offers 10 Spaces sub-accounts—including Shared Spaces for better saving with others. You also get access to Statistics—a tool that automatically categorizes your spending into a handy overview—and partner offers from world-renowned brands. Withdraw money for free within the Eurozone and pay in foreign currencies without having to worry about fees. Find more information in the T&Cs.

Do I need a business account if I’m a freelancer?

N26 Business Smart was created with freelancers in mind, and those offering their professional services in their own first and last name. The big advantage of having a business account is that you can easily separate business finances from personal finances—this makes tax declarations and tax refunds easier.

How can I open an N26 Business Smart account?

To sign up to N26, you need to fulfill the requirements for opening an N26 bank account. If you’re eligible, you can open an account in less than 8 minutes—directly on your smartphone or through the N26 WebApp. All you’ll need is an ID. Find more information on the N26 Support Center.

Can I open a business account in the name of my business?

No, you’ll have to open it under your own first and last name. We designed N26 Business Smart specifically with freelancers in mind, and for those offering their services in their own name. This means that the name of your business won’t be visible on your bank account or N26 debit card.

How does cashback work with the N26 Business Smart bank account?

You’ll automatically receive 0.1% cashback on all purchases you make with your N26 Mastercard. We’ll transfer the cashback to your N26 account automatically—you don’t need to take any additional steps.

Can I have a personal and business account at the same time?

You can’t have two bank accounts with N26 at the same time. If you already have an N26 account but would like to open up an N26 business account, you’ll have to close your personal account first. Then you can open a business account through the N26 app or our website.

What happens when I use my N26 Business Smart account for personal expenses?

N26 Business Smart is a business account. This means that you’re expected to use it mainly for business purposes. You can still use it for personal finances, as long as they don’t make up the majority of your transactions.

What are Spaces and Shared Spaces, and how do they work?

Spaces are sub-accounts that sit alongside your main account, and help you manage your finances and savings more easily. Spaces are suitable for managing personal or business-related savings goals and budgets, whereas Shared Spaces are ideal for sharing joint expenses with other N26 customers. As a premium customer, you can invite up to 10 others to a space.

How do Spaces sub-accounts work, and what can I use them for?

How do Spaces sub-accounts work, and what can I use them for? N26 Spaces are sub-accounts that sit alongside your main account, and are a practical way to organize your business finances. As a premium customer, create up to 10 Spaces sub-accounts with IBANs in your N26 app, then easily set money aside for your taxes, future projects, savings goals, and more. Each space can have its own unique IBAN, which you can use to pay your business expenses via direct debit, or to get paid via SEPA transfers directly into a sub-account. Of course, you don’t have to add an IBAN to your space if you don’t need one—the choice is yours.

Working with a team? Simply open a Shared Space, and manage your business funds together with up to 10 other N26 customers. Please note that an IBAN can’t be added to a Shared Space for now—but stay tuned for more exciting updates to come! Learn more about N26 Spaces and all its features here