Top up—add money to your bank account quickly and easily

Bank balance getting low? Then it’s time for a top up! A top up simply means adding money to your account so you have enough balance to cover any upcoming payments. This guide will show you how to top up your account, and how N26 makes topping up a breeze.

Image showing a person with an N26 debit card and the N26 app displaying the account feed with the list of transactions.

What’s a top up?

When you make a top up, you’re depositing money into your bank account. You can also top up a prepaid card that isn’t connected to your bank account. In either case, you’re adding money to increase your existing balance.

Top up in person, online, through an app—there are plenty of options to choose from. Read on to learn more.

Ways to top up an account

Topping up in person is usually as easy as going to a physical branch, an ATM, or a participating retail store and handing over the amount of cash you want to deposit.

Digital top up methods include

Top up processing times

It might take some time before your top up shows up in your account, depending on your top up method. Some might appear instantly in your account, while others might take up to 5 days.

With N26, all top ups are either instant or take up to 2 days at most.

Top up services and facilities

The fastest way to top up an account is usually with a debit or credit card, or via payment platforms like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

EU residents can use SEPA transfer to top up an EU bank account, as well. N26 account holders have the added option of sending, receiving, and requesting money instantly with MoneyBeam.

Open an account and make your first top up online in minutes.

Petrol N26 App with red notification.
N26 Instant Top Up notification on a smart phone.

Top up at N26 with a debit or credit card

Use a debit or credit card to top up your N26 account instantly. Simply open your app, click ‘Add Money,’ select ‘Credit or Debit card,’ and enter your desired amount. Then follow the prompts to complete the transaction, adding the details from your desired debit or credit card. Add between €20 and €150 per top up, with a max of €450 per month

Top up instantly with Apple Pay and Google Pay

card. Just tap ‘Add Money,’ in your N26 app, select ‘Apple Pay’ or ‘Google Pay,’ and follow the prompts. Again, add between €20 and €150 per top up, up to €450 per month. When you open an N26 account, you can add money via Apple or Google Pay to your account instantly, and start making payments straight away.

SEPA top ups

Anyone with an EU bank account can make credit transfers, direct debits, and card payments to any other bank account within the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). This cross-border transaction service makes topping up between EU accounts as easy as a regular domestic transfer. If both banks are SEPA-registered, instant credit transfers are processed within 10 days and regular credit transfers are processed in one working day. Direct debits can take 2 to 3 days to process.

Top up in cash with CASH26

N26 customers can make quick top ups in cash thanks to CASH26// Generate a barcode in your N26 app, show it to the cashier at any participating N26 retailer, and then hand in your cash as you check out. Deposit up to €999 within 24 hours, with just a 1.5% service fee. No purchase required!

Or use CASH26 to withdraw cash whenever you want—free of charge.

Make your cash digital.

MoneyBeam instant top ups for N26 contacts

Get an instant influx of cash from another N26 customer thanks to MoneyBeam. To request a top up to your account, enter the email address or number of your contact, and the amount you are asking for. All the other party has to do is confirm, and you’ll have your money in minutes.

MoneyBeam is an exclusive feature for N26 customers only, so open your account today to try it yourself.

Top up safely with secure transfers

All N26 accounts have a three-tier security system for your protection. Every time you need to top up, you’ll log in with a password, fingerprint, or face recognition.

You must confirm each top up with your 4-digit PIN, and then you’ll receive a real-time push notification to verify your order is correct. Plus, all transactions you make with your N26 debit Mastercard are protected with 3D Secure technology.

Read more on N26 security and 3D Secure measures here for even more peace of mind.

What does top up mean?

A top up means adding funds to an account from another source. This can mean depositing cash at a local bank branch or transferring funds electronically.

Why do people top up their account?

Customers must generally top up their account balance to ensure they have sufficient funds to cover upcoming transactions.

How do I top up my account?

There are plenty of ways to top up your account. The simplest method is to transfer funds via your debit or credit card, using the associated card details. Other ways to top up include making cash or check deposits in a physical branch, external bank transfers, or through digital wallet technology like Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Is there a limit to the amount of money I can top up?

There are usually limits to the amount you can top up on an account, and you will need to check the terms and conditions from the bank and card issuer. With N26, debit and credit top ups are allowed up to €450 per calendar month, whereas incoming SEPA transfers are possible up to €100,000.

Is top up real time?

Funds can vary in length of time to receipt, due to the different options available to add money. Whilst some methods will appear straightaway into the account, others could take up to 5 business days to show in the account. All top up methods with N26 are either instant or are processed in 2 business days.

What is a top up card?

Top up or prepaid cards are fixed payment systems that allow the cardholder to transfer a certain amount of money to a prepaid debit card. Once the top up is complete, the owner can use the card in much the same way you would use a debit card, such as for making online purchases or shopping in stores.

Is my top up card insured?

If your top up card or prepaid card issuer is licensed and covered by insurance, the balance added to the card should be protected if the issuer goes into administration or insolvency. If they are not insured, the money left on the card could be lost without any compensation.