N26 and Headspace.

N26 Metal and Headspace

Finding calm in the modern world with N26 and Headspace meditation app.

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Every N26 Metal membership comes with access to exclusive access to partner offers and discounts on brand name products and services. With the goal to constantly innovate our product, we will continue to add new partnerships with established brands, to make sure you’ll always enjoy something that caters to your personal needs.

Having the goal to always bring the most innovative and beneficial product to our customers, we are now excited to announce our newest partnership with Headspace. We know that finding time for quiet reflection and finding stress relief in the modern world can seem like a challenge, especially when it comes to daily management of our finances. That’s where our newest partner, Headspace, comes in. Headspace is the meditation and mindfulness app that offers simple guided meditation lessons designed to fit in around your busy schedule. N26 Metal customers get an exclusive 25% discount on their annual subscription with Headspace*.

This new partnership is a great addition to the existing Metal offer already in place. On top of this, your Metal membership also includes a 12-month membership at WeWork worldwide co-working locations, along with discounts on Hotels.com online hotel booking website, GetYourGuide online travel experience marketplace and and much more.

An exclusive membership for your lifestyle

Your N26 Metal membership is the next level in personalized banking. As a premium account, Metal combines essential everyday digital banking features with an elegant, statement metal card and a fully dedicated in-app section, with features designed to make your life easier.


From a design perspective, it’s clear Metal is no ordinary bank card. With its double-coated matte finish, the original Metal card could easily turn heads no matter where our customers used it. We noticed that different people felt a strong connection towards different colors, so we broadened our range to introduce other options and now Metal is available in Charcoal Black, Quartz Rose and Slate Grey. With the newest app update, you can even personalize your app icon accordingly to coordinate your smartphone with your card.


We created Spaces to enable our customers to stay on top of their finances and remain as flexible and adaptable as possible. Spaces sub-accounts let you organize your money and set personalized savings goals. Metal customers can create up to 10 fully-customizable spaces for all their budgeting needs, and easily lock, change or delete them as often as needed. Our N26 Metal customers can also benefit from a fully dedicated Customer Support, that can be contacted directly via app or phone, whenever they need it.


As a bank, security is our top priority—no matter which N26 account you have. That’s why we’ve created security features that allow you to set card limits or change your PIN, directly in the app. With our Premium offer, N26 You and N26 Metal, we’ve also included extensive insurance that includes flight delay compensation and phone theft protection so you can focus on what’s really important, whether it’s at home or abroad. As a metal customer, you won’t pay any fees on withdrawals or payments worldwide.

This is just another step towards building a Premium Metal product tailored to our customer needs, and it will constantly improve. N26 Metal makes life simple, wherever you are.

Existing Metal & Headspace customers can redeem this 25% discount offer on an annual subscription once their current Headspace membership plan has expired.

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