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How to buy cryptocurrency with N26

The cryptocurrency market is complex, but buying and selling crypto shouldn’t be. With N26 Crypto, you can buy and sell almost 200 coins without leaving your N26 app.

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The market for crypto assets constitutes a high risk. A return equal to the money spent is not guaranteed and a complete loss of the money spent is possible at any time. The following statements and illustrations do not constitute investment advice or any other advice on financial services, financial instruments, financial products, or digital assets.The values depicted below are fictional and for illustrative purposes only.  

There’s no denying it—cryptocurrency has taken the financial world by storm. But with all the jargon, wallet apps, and misleading information out there, getting started with crypto trading can feel like a massive endeavor. Until now. Welcome to a new way of buying and selling cryptocurrencies—N26 Crypto. 

With N26 Crypto, you can buy and sell almost 200 cryptocurrencies without leaving the N26 app. No waiting times, no complex terms, and no new accounts or apps. Turn your cash into crypto, or vice-versa, instantly and easily. 

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk through how to buy and sell cryptocurrency with N26, including how to sign up and manage your portfolio. Before diving in, we recommend reading our beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency, reviewing the pros and cons of cryptocurrency, and learning about some of the risks involved. Crypto can be a complex topic, so even though we’ve made buying and selling it easy, it pays to do your own research. 

Now, let’s get started.

How to buy cryptocurrency with N26 in 5 easy steps

1. Sign up to trade cryptocurrency with N26

Signing up to trade crypto with N26 couldn’t be easier. To get started, simply head to the Finances section of your N26 app and tap Get started with crypto. You’ll get a chance to discover N26 Crypto before you sign up—explore the basics, browse our list of almost 200 coins, and more. As soon as you decide to purchase a coin and tap Buy, you’ll be directed to our signup screen so that we can verify your information. Once you’re ready, we’ll confirm yourtax ID and ask you some additional questions to get you up and running.

At this point, we’ll need to verify that you comply with the Terms and Conditions of the Crypto feature of N26 and our partner, Bitpanda GmbH. After that, you 'll be all set to buy your first coins.

A mobile showing the finances tab interface of the n26 app.

2. Search and choose from almost 200 cryptocurrency coins

Whether you’re a crypto newbie or have some experience, an important part of buying and selling crypto is getting to know the coins

With N26, you can search nearly 200 coins in your banking app and educate yourself before diving in. To get more info on each coin, simply tap the coin in the list on your portfolio screen, and you’ll get all the details you need to make a decision—including the current price, its value fluctuation over time, and important insights like market cap. If you want some more in-depth guidance on coins, tap on the info page in the top right-hand corner of the coin screen, and be sure to visit our blog, where we go in-depth on popular coins like Bitcoin.  

If you’ve decided to purchase your selected cryptocurrency, simply tap Buy in the green box at the bottom of the coin’s page, or from your portfolio. 

Image of the choose a coin N26 interface displaying several crypto coins.

3. Specify your purchase amount and tap Preview order

On the next screen, enter how much you want to spend—which can be as little as €1. You can also define a purchase amountin the cryptocurrency itself, and we’ll show you the cost below the coin amount. It’s important to note here that you can purchase a fraction of a coin rather than a whole coin

Once you’re all set, tap Preview order to review your purchase. The coin price *(1) listed will be valid for up to 60 seconds. After this time has lapsed, the exchange rate will be refreshed, and you’ll be shown an updated price. 

N26 app displaying Specify your purchase amount and tap Preview order.

4. Review your purchase and tap Buy now

When previewing your order, you’ll see the final exchange rate, as well as the purchase fee incurred. At N26, we’re all about clarity, which is why we show our fees alongside every single crypto purchase in both euros and transaction percentages. Standard transaction fees are 1.5% for Bitcoin and 2.5% for all other coins, while Metal customers pay 1% for Bitcoin and 2% for other coins (deviations for special coins are possible) *(2).

Note that the fee will be deducted from your transaction amount, rather than being added on top. This means that the actual amount of cryptocurrency you’ll be purchasing will be slightly less than the amount you entered. For example, if you decide to spend €100 on crypto coins with a 2.5% transaction fee, you’ll be buying €97.50 worth of currency. 

When you’re ready to make your purchase, tap Buy now. And…you’ve done it!  

N26 app displaying Review your purchase and tap Buy now.

5. Explore your portfolio and learn more

Once you’ve purchased your first cryptocurrency, your new coins will be instantly visible in your portfolio. Located in the Finances section of your N26 app, your crypto portfolio is the place where you’ll see your crypto charts, including all the coins you own and their collective value now, or at any given point in the past year. You can also view details about the coins you own and track their price changes for your selected timeframe, as well as their individual current value and price change since the moment of purchase.

Tap the info icon in the top right-hand corner to learn the basics about your portfolio, including how to read and understand your crypto charts. You’ll also learn how to check how its value has changed over time—from the past 24 hours to the past year. For more info on how to read your portfolio and crypto charts, click here.

N26 app displaying Explore your portfolio and learn more.

How to sell cryptocurrency with N26

Selling crypto with N26 is just as easy as purchasing it. To get started, head to your portfolio and tap Sell at the bottom of your screen. Then, select the currency you’d like to sell from your list of owned coins. You’ll then be directed to the next screen, where you can choose to sell all your owned coins in that cryptocurrency, or a portion of your holdings. To do this, type in a set amount in euros to sell, or tap the switch icon to set a coin amount. Tap Preview order to review your transaction. Here, you’ll see the final amount of the cryptocurrency you’re selling, the cash you’ll get (excluding the fee, which will be deducted from your final payout), along with the exchange rate and associated transaction fee. If you’re happy, tap Sell now.

N26 app displaying  How to sell cryptocurrency with N26.

What to keep in mind when buying and selling cryptocurrency

No matter how you spin it, crypto trading still can feel complex sometimes. N26 wants to be with you on your crypto journey, every step of the way. That’s why we’re here to demystify the process and help you make informeddecisions when buying and selling. So why not spend some time on our blog before diving in, and start out slow? We’ve got articles to educate you on Bitcoin, blockchain, and even NFTs

And remember—many factors that make cryptocurrency so exciting can also contribute to its volatility. That’s why you should never buy more crypto than you’re prepared to lose. Luckily, if you do decide to trade with N26, you’ll be able to see all your finances at a glance—including your crypto. Because giving you a great overview of where your finances are at is just what we’re about. 

Continue your crypto journey with N26

N26 has made managing your finances easier than ever—and now we’re making crypto trading easy too.Want to set aside a monthly budget dedicated to crypto? Pool your funds in our signature Spaces sub-accounts so you’re never tempted to buy more than you’re comfortable with. When you’re ready to buy your favorite coins, easily move your savings back to your main account. Plan on buying and selling crypto regularly? Then consider upgrading to N26 Metal. Not only will you enjoy discounted fees on every trade you make, you’ll also get exclusive Metal perks like travel benefits, premium insurance, and a sleek metal card. So why wait? Find the account that fits you best and start your crypto journey with N26 today.

Discover N26 Metal

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(1) The fees and cryptocurrency prices shown on the N26 app for every transaction and including a possible spread are not determined by N26 but provided by Bitpanda GmbH. N26's liability is expressly excluded for any claim or damage arising from the formation of the prices of the assets offered by Bitpanda.

(2) The N26 Metal crypto fee discounts only apply to trading amounts up to €5,000 (including fees on purchasing and excluding fees on selling crypto) per calendar month. Above this amount, standard fees apply: 1.5% on Bitcoin and 2.5% on all other coins (fees are always rounded up to the nearest full cent—to a maximum of one cent—which may lead to a slight increase of the fee percentage shown in the order preview)

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