Dive into N26 Crypto with these top features

Crypto can feel like a minefield, so we’ve made it more convenient than ever. Learn how you can keep track of Top Movers, follow your favorites with Watchlist, and filter coins with Explore.
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The market for crypto assets and the purchase of crypto assets constitute a high risk. Crypto assets are subject to high fluctuations in value, and there is no real underlying asset. Declines in value or a rapid, complete loss of the money spent are possible at any time. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The values depicted above are fictional and for illustrative purposes only. The statements and illustrations do not constitute investment advice.
When it comes to cryptocurrency, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds. From obscure terminology to taxing wallet apps, it can feel hard to get your head around everything there is to know.At N26, we want to help make your crypto experience convenient and intuitive, so you can trade with confidence. That’s why we developed N26 Crypto, a stress-free way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, right from your banking app. Manage your charts, track the value of your coins, and get all the tools you need to make educated decisions about whether purchasing crypto is right for you. And to make the experience more intuitive than ever, we’ve added three new features to take the complexity out of crypto. From helping you keep an eye on the coins you care about the most to providing key insights into market fluctuations, these tools offer unique tailored insights. Read on to learn how to use these smart features for an even more seamless N26 Crypto experience. 

Track prices changes with Top Movers

Crypto coins can change in value at a rapid pace, and sometimes, it’s hard to keep track of their movements — until now. Top Movers allows you to see the coins with the largest price changes in the last 24 hours. You’ll see it right in your portfolio, so you can easily view the coins that gained or lost the most in value. This way, you’ll be able to monitor market fluctuations, and get a clearer picture into what coins are especially active on any given day. Not bad, huh? 

Use Watchlist to follow your favorite coins

Got a favorite crypto coin? If so, then it could be a good idea to keep a pulse on its fluctuations. With Watchlist, you can tag your most-loved coins and follow them as closely as you’d like. You’ll see how each of your favorite currencies have changed in the last 24 hours, so you’ll always be in-the-know. Simply search for coins and follow them by tapping the star symbol. The best part? There’s no limit, so you can follow as many coins as you like! 

Filter coins the easy way with the Explore feature

There’s no denying it — the crypto market is vast. And with almost 200 cryptocurrencies available through N26 Crypto, it can be hard to know which coins to keep track of. But not to worry — N26 has got your back here, too. With the Explore feature, you can narrow down coins with smart filters catered to your tastes. Navigate between coins based on market cap, lowest or highest price, or those that have changed in value the most. It’s just another way we’re taking the chaos out of crypto. 

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N26 is here to simplify your finances, and your crypto trading. Want to set aside a monthly amount for crypto purchases? Use Spaces sub-accounts to set aside money to buy and sell with confidence. When you’re ready to purchase some coins, easily move your savings back to your main account. Want to trade crypto on a regular basis? Then upgrade to N26 Metal! You’ll get discounted fees on every trade you make, as well as exclusive Metal perks like travel benefits, premium insurance, and a sleek metal card. So why wait? Find the account that fits you best and start your crypto journey with N26 today.

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