Goodbye bank branch: how CASH26 turns shopping into banking.
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Goodbye bank branch: how CASH26 turns shopping into banking

CASH26 lets you deposit and withdraw cash from your account while you shop. Now you can use it at 1,900 locations across Austria, including dm, Billa, Merkur and Penny.

Options, options, options. When it comes to your money, you should have as many as possible.

One of the challenges of being a digital bank is that we don’t always have a physical presence in our customers’ lives. But CASH26 changes all that.

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CASH26 is coming to Austria—and with it, customers can now deposit and withdraw cash from over 1,900 stores across the country.

CASH26 is truly a unique product because it seamlessly connects your account with an already existing network of shops, effectively turning them into banking branches or ATMs.

So rather than having to venture out of your way to find an ATM or drive across town to visit a possibly soon-to-be-gone bank branch, you can deposit money while you’re already out doing your shopping. That makes it easier to put some extra cash you have earned into your N26 account.

How does it work?

CASH26 works in your N26 app. Just open it up and tap the plus button on your Main Account tab and select CASH26. Select deposit or withdraw and input the amount.

It’ll show you a barcode. Keep this open on your phone when you go to the cashier. They’ll scan it and take your money and your account should update immediately.

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Where can I use it?

At the moment, CASH26 works at all dm, Billa, Merkur and Penny stores across Austria, giving you 1,900 locations to deposit or withdraw money.

There are some limits, though. When it comes to deposits, you can put up to €100 a month into your account for free. Any amount after that will be charged a 1,5% fee.

Withdrawals are completely free but limited to €200 per transaction and €999 within a 24-hour period.

We hope you enjoy using CASH26 all across Austria.

If you have any ideas on our next product feature, send us an email at Happy depositing!

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