Crypto wallet.

What is a crypto wallet?

A crypto wallet is a secure, digital wallet for your cryptocurrency. Learn how to choose and set up your first crypto wallet with this beginner’s guide.

8 min read

A green balloon that has cactus spikes on it.

5 tips for secure mobile banking

From deactivating bluetooth to locking your screen, we’ve got 5 essential tips for you to enjoy mobile banking with peace of mind.

2 min read

Google Pay with N26 Standard Card.

Google Pay is now available in Austria!

Easily pay with your smartphone—it’s fast and secure. Learn more here!

2 min read

iPhone X on a table with N26 app open.

It’s finally here! N26 turns on Dark Mode

Promoting good health without compromising on user experience, N26 customers can now enjoy dark mode.

2 min read


Hide sensitive account data with discreet mode

Being 100% mobile means bespoke digital banking features like discreet mode. Find out how discreet mode gives you full confidentiality, wherever you are.

3 min read

Person doing a mobile payment using the N26 app.

Goodbye bank branch: how CASH26 turns shopping into banking

CASH26 is here in Austria! Now you can deposit and withdraw cash in hundreds of locations across the country.

2 min read