Google Pay with N26 Standard Card.

Google Pay is now available in Austria!

Easily pay with your smartphone—it’s fast and secure. Learn more here!

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It’s hard enough to keep up with the cashiers when shopping—by the time you’ve stowed two items away, they’ve scanned ten more! And then begins the search for your wallet, while the customer behind you is nervously tapping their foot. It’s stressful.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You probably have your smartphone at hand anyway, so why not just unlock it (this isn’t needed for smaller amounts) and hold it near the terminal to pay? Done!

Use contactless payments in Austria

From now on, Google Pay is also available in Austria, Estonia, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, the Netherlands and Portugal. And you can use Google Pay in all places that accept contactless payments, including restaurants, bars, shops and more.

More of an online-shopping-on-the-sofa kind of person? No problem! You can use Google Pay for spending in apps and on the web, and you don’t even have to copy over your card details.

Is Google Pay safe?

Yes. Thanks to extensive security measures you can shop safely online and offline. Google Pay never transfers your payment details directly—they’re encrypted first. This means your card number is never given to third parties. 

Here’s how to set up Google Pay:

Just follow these steps to link your N26 Mastercard to Google Pay: 

  1. Open the Actions tab in your N26 app
  2. Tap on Card Settings > Add to Google Pay
  3. That’s it, it’s ready to use!

And don’t forget—you can start using your N26 account with Google Pay even before your physical N26 card arrives in the mail!

Learn more about Google Pay x N26 here.

N26 x Google Pay

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Google Pay with N26 debit card.

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Google Pay with N26 Standard Card.

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