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How to pay fines online

Paying a fine is never fun, but you can cut down the hassle—and sometimes the price—by paying online.

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No one likes paying fines, but did you know that you can save time and effort by making those pesky payments online? The process is easy and totally secure. Here’s how it works.

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Fine payment deadlines

 If you find a ticket on your windshield, you have the option to pay a reduced sanction. There’s usually a 30% discount if you pay within 5 days after you’ve first been notified. After these 5 days are up, the 60-day deadline kicks in, even if you received the fine by mail. Past this deadline, the fine doubles and interest on arrears—that is, the growing amount that you owe—incurs until it’s been fully paid.

But there’s some good news. As of April 15, 2020, both deadlines have been extended by two days for those who choose to pay online. This means that you can take advantage of the reduced sanction for up to 7 days after you’ve been notified and avoid paying a higher amount if you pay within 62 days.

Where to pay fines

You can pay fines in person and online. You can pay in person in the following locations:

  • Post offices and banks
  • Tobacco shops/retailers affiliated with LIS (Lottomatica Italia Servizi) or Sisal (Sport Italia Società a Responsabilità Limitata)
  • Municipal/traffic police offices

You can use these channels to pay fines online:

  • Your municipality’s website
  • The Poste Italiane website
  • Your bank’s home banking online portal

If you’ve received an electronic payment notice (bollettino RAV) or a PagoPA payment notice, you can pay the fine according to the instructions listed on the payment slip.

How to pay fines online

How to pay fines online depends on which agency issued the fine in the first place. If the fine was issued by the municipal police, you can pay it directly through the website of the municipality where the infraction took place. Simply log in to the services section of the municipality’s online portal and follow the instructions. Enter the information required, such as license plate, report number, date, and time of the infraction. From there, you can choose whether to pay the fine with a debit, prepaid, or credit card.

If the fine has been issued by the State Police or by the Carabinieri, you can pay the fine through the Poste Italiane online portal. After registering or logging in to the portal, go to the section corresponding to the payment of the slips and select Fines (Multe) from the menu.

Before paying the fine, you’ll need to enter:

  • First name and last name of the offender
  • Address, postal code, city, and province
  • Number and date of the report, license plate number, and obligation code (the first 16-digit number shown on the last line of the payment slip and on the report).

Lastly, choose your preferred payment method—Visa or Mastercard card, Postepay, or a BancoPosta bank account. 

You can also pay through your bank’s home banking online portal. The payment method depends on the government agency, but it usually requires a regular bank transfer. Keep in mind that payment may take between 1 to 2 days before it is received.

How to pay fines with the RAV payment slip and PagoPA

If there is an RAV payment slip attached to the report, you can pay through your home banking online portal, via your bank’s app, or through the Poste Italiane website. You can also pay through the Equitalia website. Find out more with our article on how to pay MAV and RAV.

It’s also easy if you find a PagoPA payment slip attached to the report. You can pay at an ATM, use your bank’s home banking online portal, or via the bank’s app. For more information on PagoPA and how it works, check out our guide to PagoPA.

Pay fines online with N26 

You’ve seen how simple it is to pay a fine online. N26, the 100% mobile bank, allows you to pay any fine safely from your smartphone, wherever you are. Open the N26 app and select Actions. Tap on Send money and select Other payments. Choose the PagoPA payment method in the menu. You’ll be directed to the service provider’s website, where you can complete the transaction in just a few steps. What are you waiting for? Open an N26 account and manage your payments in Italy, hassle-free!

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