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#MyBankMyGoals: bringing customer goals to life

This vibrant campaign centred around how real N26 customers use our bank to reach their goals.

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How is your life shaped by goals? Goals help us to live intentionally, to spark positive behaviours, and ultimately to achieve our ambitions. After all, it’s easy to plan the journey when you’ve decided the destination.

To kick off 2020, we found out exactly how our customers use their N26 accounts to achieve their goals. The #MyBankMyGoals campaign reflected the real life personal and relatable stories of our customers around the world, and how their lifestyles are enhanced through setting goals.

We queried our customers on short-term planning and their long term goals, in addition to how they stay motivated. The responses were as diverse as our customers themselves, with ambitions ranging from the personal to the professional; the modest to the ambitious.

Get inspired with what our customers had to say.

Tell us about your short and long term goals.

Winston, copywriter: "On a personal level, I want to be able to visit my family in New Zealand at least once every year. I also want to travel more—the Trans-Siberian railway from Moscow to Vladivastock and Latin America are both on my bucket list. Professionally, I want to convince my girlfriend to start that boutique advertising agency with me, then write the novel and film script that’s been kicking around in my head…"

Marthe, yoga instructor: "I want to continue creating safe spaces for people to grow and learn from one another. Teaching not only physical practices but about yogic philosophy, meditation and positive thinking. I would love to host several little yoga events in the next few months, but in the long-term, I’m dreaming about starting my own business with a yoga event agency one day. Until then, I just want to travel and learn as much as I can."

Which N26 features help you meet your goals?

Guin, photographer: "I have used the Spaces function to keep my savings separated from my regular account. This is how I managed to buy a new laptop and a new camera, which has helped my photography."

Riki, food blogger: "The best feature of N26 for me is definitely the extensive insurance package that comes with my card. It covers me for flights, luggage, healthcare, and any other emergencies abroad. Alongside this, free international ATM withdrawals and exclusive partner discounts means that N26 is the bank for travelers like myself."

Winston, copywriter: "I use Spaces because, although New Zealand tends to be difficult to get to, Spaces lets me get there a little easier. They help me save up the money—that way, I don’t need to dip into my overdraft."

How do you keep yourself motivated?

Andrew, DJ: "I keep myself motivated by listening to music, especially music created by my friends. That gives me a drive."

Riki, food blogger: "As you can probably tell, my “bucket list” is growing everyday, and that’s what drives me to get out of bed every morning. If I have nothing to keep me going, I become a bit clueless. One thing’s for certain though—staying healthy and exercising everyday is the recipe to success. I also wouldn’t be able to justify eating half of what I do if I didn’t sweat it out at the same time..."

Chelsea: "Knowing that I wasn't eating into my regular savings allowed me the freedom and flexibility to splurge on scented candles, plants, throws and all the other unnecessary interior items to make the space personal without feeling guilty and being able to stay on track with regular savings."

Your money at N26

The idea of setting goals might sound intimidating. Thankfully, Spaces enable you to set up numerous sub-accounts and assign a target to each of them—you can even set up a Rule to move your money automatically. So while you focus on your goals, we’re right there beside you, helping on every step of the way.

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