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How to top up your N26 account with Bancontact

Good news, Belgium! Now you can use Bancontact to add money to your N26 account. Here’s why you should opt for Bancontact top-ups—and how to do it.

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Secure, reliable, and fast—it’s no surprise that Bancontact is Belgium’s online payment method of choice. That’s why we’re offering all N26 users based in Belgium the option to their accounts using Bancontact. 

Seamless and simple, topping up with Bancontact gives you instant access to your money, wherever you are. Haven’t heard about the benefits of topping up with Bancontact? Let’s unpack how Bancontact top-ups work, step-by-step.

What is Bancontact?

The market leader in offline and online payments in Belgium, Bancontact—formerly known as Mister Cash—currently processes around 150,000 online transactions a day. It may be hard to believe, but with over 15 million cards currently in circulation, there are more Bancontact cards than there are Belgians! 

Similar to the Dutch iDEAL, Bancontact allows users to make payment transactions through their trusted banking environment of choice. Rather than paying for items or services directly with a credit card, Bancontact acts as a mediator between a bank and a vendor. This increases the security of each transaction for both parties.

The history of Bancontact

The Bancontact Payconiq Company was officially formed in July 2018 after the merging of ING mobile payment app Payconiq and Bancontact, Belgian’s leading electronic payment service provider. Led by CEO Nathalie Vandeput—formerly Head of Marketing Campaigns and Communication at ING Belgium—Bancontact Payconiq went on to join the European Mobile Payment Systems Association. Currently, Bancontact is supported by 80% of Belgium’s online retailers who now offer online payments with the service. 

How does Bancontact work?

If you’re based in Belgium, once you open an account at a Belgian bank, you’ll receive a Bancontact debit card at your registered address. A letter containing your PIN number will arrive separately. 

Your Bancontact card is then linked to your Belgian bank account and can be used at nearly all Belgian ATMs. Currently, the Bancontact app is supported by over 20 Belgian banks and many Belgian shops exclusively accept Bancontact cards as a method of payment. And now, topping up your N26 account with Bancontact is as easy as 1-2-3!

How to top up your N26 account using Bancontact

If you are both a Bancontact and an N26 user, you can top up your N26 account using your Banconnect account. How? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your N26 app
  2. Choose ‘Add Money’
  3. Tap ‘Bancontact’
  4. Choose the amount you want to top up
  5. Follow the steps to confirm payment
  6. Your top-up will arrive in your account instantly

Your first top-up with Bancontact is free of charge. After that, Bancontact top ups will incur a fee of 3% of the transaction amount. Add funds of any amount between €20 and €450, with a maximum amount of €450 per month. 

What are the benefits of topping up using Bancontact?

There are many benefits to topping up your N26 account with Bancontact. For starters, all top-ups made with Bancontact arrive immediately, making it a convenient way to access your money on the go. Plus, it’s incredibly secure. Bancontact adheres to a strict security protocol which covers:

  • Licensing: Both the sending and receiving banks that Bancontact mediates between must meet their rigorous Terms and Conditions.
  • Fraud and risk management: All Bancontact transactions are secured with 3D secure technology and all payments must be authenticated before being processed, just as they are with N26. 

Banconnect and N26—prioritizing your security

Thanks to 3D secure technology and customer authentication processes, using Bancontact to top up your N26 account reduces the likelihood of fraudulent activity. It also minimizes the risk of running into any disputes that may turn into chargebacks. Furthermore, all Bancontact payments can be refunded up to 180 days after they were issued.

Like Bancontact, . As a fully-licensed German bank, we adhere to all the same legal regulations as a traditional bank, but we offer all the benefits of a fully digital banking experience. Plus, all of your funds up to €100,000 are fully protected by the German Deposit Protection Scheme.

Your money at N26

As an N26 account holder, you can choose from a wide-range of —including Apple Pay, , IDEAL, EPS, Bancontact, and Giropoay. Plus, N26 offers top-of-the-line features like instant push notifications, , and unique for premium members. Not only does this mean you can tailor your N26 experience to match your needs—it’s also incredibly simple, giving you time to focus on the things that matter to you most.

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