25 budget-friendly Halloween costumes for you (and your boo!)

Your Halloween look should shock your friends, not your bank balance.

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15 Cheap and easy DIY Halloween costumes

As this list of cheap DIY Halloween outfits proves, the lower the budget, the more creative the costumes can be. The following looks will fit any budget, and most will only take you a couple of minutes to throw together. Don’t be afraid—let’s dive in.

1. Bride of Frankenstein


Ever wondered why there’s always at least one Bride of Frankenstein per Halloween party? Answer: because it’s a ridiculously cheap and easy look to recreate. All you need is a single white hair extension, a white dress, and some heavy black eye shadow. Or, like Vanessa Hudgens, you could do away with tradition by wearing a black dress instead. 

  • Materials: A single white hair extension, some black eyeshadow, and a white (or black!) dress 

  • Potential cost: €10–€15

2. Marty McFly


Woah, wait a minute Doc—this DIY Halloween costume looks suspiciously like a casual fall outfit! If you’ve got a pair of jeans, a denim jacket, and a flannel shirt in your closet, you’re well on your way to becoming Marty McFly. The questionable orange puffer vest is, however, the key element in this DIY Halloween costume. Either buy one second hand for under €10, or ask your friend group—you may be surprised what turns up!

  • Materials: A pair of jeans, a denim jacket, a flannel shirt, and an orange puffer vest

  • Potential cost: Under €10

3. Mask from hell


Topical, cheap, and effortless, instantly transform any old outfit into a terrifying spectacle with the help of a horrifying—and practical!—mask. The most unsettling thing about wearing it may be just how familiar it feels.

  • Materials: A ghoulish mouth mask

  • Potential cost: Under €10

4. Cruella De Vil


The queen of cruel—bring out your sassy side by transforming into Cruella De Vil this Halloween. Similar to the Bride of Frankenstein, the key piece of this outfit is your iconic hairdo. All you need to strike terror into the heart of any nearby puppies is a black dress, Cruella wig, cigarette holder, and anything resembling fur (preferably dalmatian).

  • Materials: A black and white wig, a cigarette holder, and a black dress

  • Potential cost: €20–€25

5. Where’s Wally


Be sure to stand out in any crowd with this iconic Where’s Wally Halloween costume! All you need is a red and white striped T-shirt and if possible, a matching hat, and a pair of round glasses.

  • Materials: A red and white striped T-shirt, matching hat, and round glasses

  • Potential cost: €10–€15

6. Sexy Ghostface


What does Ghostface do when not otherwise terrorizing ‘90s high school kids? Well, they put on a fishnet onesie and strike a pose! If you’re not ready to jump into a body stocking just yet, use this costume idea as inspiration for your own personal take on Ghostface. The takeaway—any outfit becomes an instant Halloween classic when paired with a Ghostface mask.

  • Materials: A Ghostface mask

  • Potential cost: Under €5

7. A fly


Just as Lizzo says, in this DIY Halloween outfit, you’ll look “flyyyy AF!” Costing slightly more than the other outfits on this list, to make sure you’re a convincing fly you’ll need to invest in some wings and a fly eyes headband (Google it, it’s a thing). What you wear on your body depends on the kind of fly you want to be—and what’s available in your closet.

  • Materials: A pair of wings and a fly eyes headband

  • Potential cost: €30-€50

8. Mia Wallace


If you’ve got office wear (i.e. a black blazer, a white shirt, and a pair of black trousers) in your closet—you’re in luck! All you need to transform yourself into Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction is a sharp bob haircut and a Pulp Fiction book. This means printing out a Pulp Fiction book cover and giving an unused book a makeover. Bonus points if you can find a toy gun.

  • Materials: A brunette bobbed wig and a makeshift Pulp Fiction book

  • Potential cost: €15

9. Ghost in a sheet


An all-time classic, you can’t go wrong with the classic ‘ghost in the sheet’ look. As far as DIY Halloween costumes go, it doesn’t get much cheaper and easier than this. Dig out an old white sheet, cut out two eye holes, and Voilà! You’ve got yourself a killer Halloween outfit!

  • Materials: An old white sheet and a pair of scissors

  • Potential cost: €0–€5

10. A unicorn


All you need to transform yourself into this mythical creature is a convincing horn, some colorful makeup, and if you have long hair, an aptly named ponytail. To make this Halloween outfit really DIY, consider crafting your own horn out of tinfoil.

  • Materials: A horn (bought or handmade), some colorful makeup, and a sparkly hair tie

  • Potential cost: Under €10

11. A garden gnome


No garden, or Halloween party, is complete without the presence of a friendly garden gnome! Low-cost and low-effort, all you need to perfect your garden gnome costume is a fake beard, a winter hat, a pair of dungarees, and a garden trowel.

  • Materials: Fake beard, a winter hat, dungarees, garden trowel (or any small garden appliance— garden shears if you want to be an especially creepy gnome) 

  • Potential cost: €15–€20

12. Rosie the Riveter


Dressed in a distinctive red bandanna, a blue collared shirt, and brandishing a bulging bicep, Rosie the Riveter became an instant cultural icon in the ‘40s—and a Halloween costume classic for generations to come. To upgrade your outfit, do like Beyonce and create a portable yellow backdrop with the words ‘We Can Do It!’ emblazoned across it. 

  • Materials: A red bandana (with white polka dots if possible) and a blue stiff-collared shirt. Optional handmade portable yellow background.

  • Potential cost: €15–€20

13. A disco ball


Make sure you’re always at the center of the dancefloor by transforming yourself into a disco ball! More of a time than a money investment, if you’ve got a spare afternoon and don’t mind getting your hands covered in paper mache, this could be the DIY Halloween outfit for you. 

  • Materials: A 36-inch balloon, lots of newspaper, and two rolls of holographic ribbon 

  • Potential cost: €10–€15

14. Billie Eilish circa 2019

https://www.instagram.com/p/B4GmPRtgwWi/?utm_source=ig_embed Grab your favorite sweatsuit, adorn yourself in silver jewelry, order a bottle of green hair dye and you’re well on your way to becoming Billie Eilish circa 2019. Just make sure the dye isn’t permanent before you paste it all over your roots!

  • Materials: Sweatsuit, silver jewelry, temporary green hair dye

  • Potential cost: €10–€15

15. Jigsaw


Another easy outfit to throw together if you’ve got some office clothes hanging in your closet! Transforming yourself into Jigsaw can take a matter of minutes if you opt for buying a Jigsaw mask, or a couple of hours if you want to create your look using makeup. 

  • Materials: A black blazer, white shirt, black trousers, and either a Jigsaw mask or plenty of white, black, and red makeup

  • Potential cost: €15 

10 DIY Halloween costumes for couples

Nothing says romance quite like dressing in complementary Halloween outfits and terrifying your friends. Right? If you're looking for some Halloween outfit inspiration for you and your partner, you’re in the right place. Here are 15 DIY Halloween costumes for couples. 

1. BamBam and Pebbles Flintstone


It’s time to release your inner neanderthal with this iconic Flintstones look! As most couples dress as Fred and Wilma or Barney and Betty for Halloween, why not mix it up by dressing as BamBam and Pebbles all grown up to add a little variety?. 

  • Materials: One green and one orange oversized T-shirt, some black fabric paint (to paint black triangles on your shirts), a plastic club, and a plastic bone.

  • Total Potential cost: €30-€35

2. Hilary Banks and Will Smith


Dressing like a ‘90s rich kid from Bel Air, or a kid born and raised in West Philadelphia, is cheaper than it looks. For Hilary, a black oversized blazer, an elaborate black hat, and a fresh attitude are all you need to complete this outfit. For Will, the backwards cap and jazzy oversized T-shirt are the essential pieces of your costume.

  • Materials: For Hilary, a black oversized blazer and a wide-brimmed hat. For Will, a baseball cap and a loud T-shirt 

  • Total Potential cost: €40-€50

3. Human pumpkins


If you can stand the smell of pumpkin for long periods, and don’t mind losing your peripheral vision, consider going as human pumpkins this Halloween! DIY friendly, and a great opportunity to bond as your hack eye, nose, and mouth holes into your squash, this is about as festive a Halloween look as you can get.

  • Materials: Two large pumpkins

  • Total Potential cost: €10-€15

4. Morticia and Gomez Addams


If you have a taste for the gothic, dressing as Morticia and Gomez Adams this Halloween may suit you. Plus, with some black formal wear already hanging in your closet, this couple's DIY Halloween costume will cost you next to nothing. The most important part of your look is that you create a mysterious, slightly uncomfortable aura and that Morticia sports some severe eyebrows!

  • Materials: Black formal attire (a suit and a black dress) and some heavy black and white makeup.

  • Total Potential cost: €5-€10

5. Each other


Possibly the easiest and cheapest couples Halloween outfit on the list, this year, take horror to a whole new level and dress up as each other! Taking on each other’s quirks and mannerisms is a must, but tread lightly! Imitation is only the best form of flattery if it doesn’t become outright mockery.

  • Materials: Each other’s clothes

  • Total Potential cost: €0

6. A filter / no filter Instagram post


This easy DIY Halloween costume is effortless and is also a profound comment on the perils of social media. Either that, or it’s just plain hilarious. All you need to pull off this look are matching clothes and a T-shirt or a make-shift sign to write your hashtags. Just choose wisely who’s going to be the #nofilter! 

  • Materials: Two matching outfits (which can be as simple as a pair of jeans and a black top) and a shirt or cardboard sign to write your hashtags.

  • Total Potential cost: €20–€30

7. Mismatched onesies 


Who said that a couple’s Halloween outfit had to make sense? Take a leaf out of Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor’s book and consider showing up to your next Halloween party in a pair of wonderfully mismatched onesies. Cheap, easy, and a great conversation starter, your friends will be trying to work out just how the Joker and a panda crossed paths all evening!

  • Materials: Two mismatched onesies

  • Total Potential cost: €30–€40

8. Jack and Rose riding the Titanic


For more ambitious couples, dressing up as Jack and Rose riding the Titanic is guaranteed to be a Halloween hit. However, creating the Titanic is quite a time investment, and it means you’ll have to be very close to each other all evening. If that sounds daunting, you could consider going as Jack, Rose, and the floating door instead (there was space for two!).

  • Materials: For Rose, an elegant dress and an elaborate wide-brimmed hat. For Jack, a simple pair of brown trousers, a white shirt, and a pair of suspenders. For the Titanic, plenty of cardboard, paint, glue, and patience

  • Total Potential cost: €50–€60 

9. Baywatch


Cheap, fun, and iconic, all you need to throw this look together are two matching red swimsuits and long-haired wigs. Preferably blonde if you want to pay homage to Pamela Anderson. The finishing touch? Your slow-mo run. Practice this together beforehand to perfect it. 

  • Materials: Two red swimsuits and two long-haired wigs

  • Total Potential cost: €70–€80, depending on quality

10. 1980s fitness fanatic couple


Take couples fitness goals to a whole new level with this colorful Halloween costume! All you need to look like a pair of aerobics fanatics from the ‘80s is some offensively neon sportswear, a couple of wristbands or leg warmers, and a relentless source of energy. 

  • Materials: Garishly colored sportswear

  • Total Potential cost: €30–€40

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