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The surprising benefits of branchless banking

In this year of change, N26 has continued to support our customers through branchless banking. From convenience to hygiene, discover the surprising benefits of 100% mobile banking.

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2020 has been the year of change—and most of it just wouldn’t have been possible without the wonders of technology. From working at the office from 9 to 5 to setting up a desk from home, or enjoying drinks at the bar to pub quizzes over Zoom, technology as we know it has enabled us to continue to work, socialize and play without skipping a beat. And as a 100% mobile bank, N26 has been no different. It’s one of the many benefits of being a branchless bank.

It’s easy 

Even as the world transforms, being branchless means that we’ve continued to support our customers efficiently through the N26 app. Whether you split a takeaway bill with MoneyBeam, quickly transfer funds to loved ones across the world with Wise, or even use some of that spare time to improve your money management, all it takes is just a few taps on your smartphone to easily stay in control of your finances with N26. 

It’s convenient  

And of course, there’s the obvious perks. With branchless, 100% mobile banking, there’s no need to fit in a lunch-break run to the bank during your busy work days. And those long, painful queues to just speak to a customer advisor? Never again. Should you run into a problem or just want to ask a few questions about getting the most out of your N26 account, you can reach our customer service team in seconds via the N26 app. Our in-app live chat links you directly to one of our dedicated advisors, with an average response rate of under one minute.

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It’s a far cry from days gone by when customers would need to venture out to their nearest bank branch just to lock their card, order a new one, or even to reset their account password. Even a simple change like registering a new address may have required completing a physical form at the branch—but that’s not the case with N26. You can achieve all of this and more through the many intuitive features in your N26 app—and you won’t even need to change out of your pajamas to do so. And if you’re not yet an N26 customer? No worries—all you need to sign up online is your smartphone, and a strong internet connection.

It’s hygienic 

Not only is branchless banking convenient, it’s also more hygienic. Without the crowded queues, the face-to-face meetings, or the treacherous commute to the bank, you’re not only speeding up your banking process—you’re also keeping yourself safe during Covid-19 by minimizing your contact with others. 

N26 is the mobile bank 

Yes, we’ll say it—this year has been “unprecedented.” But amidst the changes, there’s one constant support that you can bank on. Your N26 account will always be 100% mobile, with total control over your finances in our simple and easy-to-use intuitive app. Ready to enjoy 100% mobile, branchless banking? Discover which N26 bank account fits you best now.

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