N26 Insurance: protect what you love with on-demand coverage

Get superior, on-demand insurance that protects the things that matter, and only pay for the coverage you need. Sign up online in minutes from your N26 app, manage your policies and initiate claims in a few taps, and cancel it whenever.

N26 Carousel gallery with a sofa, a dog, a dinner table, a bicycle, and an office.
Electronics insurance.

Get on-demand electronics insurance with N26

Protect your laptop, tablet, smartwatch, and smartphone against theft, malfunctions, liquid damage and accidental damage with N26 Insurance. Sign up with zero paperwork on the N26 app, choose between a flexible monthly plan or a discounted yearly plan, and cancel at any time. Get insured now from only €4.44/month.

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Bike, home, pet insurance, and more—coming soon

Whether it’s your home, your four-legged family members, or your beloved bike, N26 Insurance protects what matters most. And very soon, you’ll be able to get this coverage right from your N26 app, alongside personal liability insurance and fraud and purchase insurance for extra peace of mind.

N26 gallery of five, including a sofa, a dog, a dinner table, a bicycle, and an office.


How do I get N26 Insurance?

To get N26 Insurance, make sure you’ve updated your N26 app on your device to the latest version. Then, open your app, head to the ‘Explore’ tab and find the coverage options under the N26 Insurance section.

What if I can’t see N26 Insurance in my app?

If you can’t find N26 Insurance in your app, please make sure your N26 app is updated to the latest version.

Currently, N26 Insurance is only available to N26 customers in Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Germany.

How does N26 Insurance work?

Generally speaking, an insurance policy safeguards you and the things that matter to you against damage or theft.

With N26 Insurance, we’ve partnered with simplesurance to connect you with trusted insurance providers that provide you with the coverage you need. You can find all the details and Terms and Conditions in your N26 app. Simply head to the N26 Insurance section in the ‘Explore’ tab.

How do I pay for N26 Insurance?

You can choose how to pay for N26 Insurance. Either pick a flexible monthly plan, or pay upfront for a year to get an attractive discount. No matter which payment option you choose, you can cancel at any time.

What if I want to cancel my N26 Insurance?

You have the flexibility to cancel at any time directly from your N26 app—simply tap ‘Terminate Your Policy.’ If you’re on a monthly payment plan, you won’t be charged again once you terminate your insurance policy. If you chose the annual payment plan, you’ll be refunded for the unused part of your policy.

Do both standard and premium bank account holders get N26 Insurance?

Yes, you can sign up for N26 Insurance with a free standard bank account or a premium plan with N26.

The only exception is that N26 Metal customers can’t sign up for phone insurance. This is because this particular coverage is already included with their membership.

How should I manage my claims?

You can initiate an insurance claim directly in your N26 app, before completing the claims process with our partner simplesurance.