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N26 x SK Rapid Wien: Scoring Goals For Charity

Team spirit can make a difference even outside the soccer stadium! Under the motto "More than Goals," N26 is donating to charity for every goal scored by our partner SK Rapid Wien this season.

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Whether you’re watching on a screen or live in the stadium, soccer is a sport that brings people together. Not only can soccer bring a lot of joy to its own fans, but this kind of team spirit can also help people in other ways — like by providing urgently needed financial support.

In order to bring that team spirit out into the community, N26 and SK Rapid Vienna are expanding our partnership. Under the motto "More than Goals," we’re now joining forces for charity.

For every goal scored by SK Rapid Wien players in Austrian Bundesliga N26 is donating €100 to the “Die Rapid-Familie hilft!” aid fund set up by SK Rapid Wien. This fund, in cooperation with the Volkshilfe Wien, benefits people in Austria who are affected by severe poverty and who urgently need financial support. The fund’s goals are twofold: to help people cope better with everyday life, and to enable them to have a better future.

The “More than Goals” campaign started in January 2023 and runs until the last Bundesliga game of the 2023-24 season.

Catch the team spirit

Want to be there live at games and cheer on SK Rapid Wien? As an N26 customer, you can take advantage of our partnership with the club and get tickets for all Bundesliga home games at a 26% discount. Read more here to find out how!

And if you want to join in, you don’t need to be out on the pitch scoring goals to contribute. As a fan of SK Rapid Wien, you’re also invited to make your own donation to the aid fund — every bit counts!

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