N26 Crypto - our next step beyond banking.

N26 Crypto - our next step beyond banking

N26 Chief Product Officer Gilles BianRosa shares his vision for the N26 experience

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When our 100% digital bank accounts launched back in 2015, N26 was one of the first to bring banking to the smartphone - a move that has sparked a revolution in our sector. Since then, simplicity has remained a guiding principle for our entire product strategy. Today, we launched N26 Crypto in Austria, an important next step in bringing the N26 experience beyond everyday banking and money management, to also help customers invest and grow their wealth. 

As we look to the future of the N26 product, my work and the work of my team all drives towards a single goal: We aim to empower our customers when it comes to all things money. By making it possible for them to manage more parts of their financial lives with less stress, effort and anxiety. By earning their trust and loyalty as their everyday bank account. And by bringing them closer to achieving financial freedom on their own terms. 

Doing this means a laser focus on understanding what customers need and want. Not just from their bank, but from their money. We want our customers to be able to work towards financial freedom their way, by tackling that in a way only a pioneer, technology leader and innovator like N26 can. 

Many of the features we have rolled out in the last year point to this. I’m particularly proud of what our teams have achieved with the introduction of new automatic savings features like Income Sorter and Round-Ups. They allow our customers to create rules that set aside money automatically, making saving not just easy, but effortless. In fact, together they have helped our customers set aside close to €350 million to date.

N26 Crypto looks to take this further because we know that achieving financial freedom and independence looks different for our generation. Saving is important, but the world of investment is equally important, with the potential to help our customers unlock a whole new world of opportunity. This is why we’ve designed N26 Crypto to sit alongside a host of educational content on the asset class, so that anyone can feel confident taking the first steps in their investment journey with us. 

At N26, our goal is to bring cryptocurrency trading - and more broadly, investing - into our experience in the same easy, intuitive and accessible way we’re known for when it comes to banking. And to bring these into a simple overview of your financial situation - spending, saving, and now, investing, all in one place. 

We’re tremendously excited about this first step in that direction, and we can’t wait to make this available to customers across our markets.

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