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How top up your N26 account with EPS

Want to deposit funds into your N26 bank account? You can do so easily and instantly with EPS. Learn what EPS is, what the benefits are, and how you can use it to top up your N26 account.

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At N26, we love finding new ways to make life (and banking) easy for our customers. That’s why we’ve made instant top-ups simple as can be via credit card or Apple Pay—so you never have to wait around for funds to start banking in style. And now, if you have an Austrian bank account, you can top up in seconds with our brand new EPS transfers! Here, you’ll learn what EPS is, what the benefits are, and how to use it to top up your N26 account.

The benefits of topping up your account with EPS

The perks of using N26 start right when you open an account—you can start banking immediately! No need to fill out tiresome paperwork or wait for your bank card to arrive. However, there’s one thing you will need to get started—money. Yet sending money from your Austrian checking account with a standard transfer can take up to two business days—that’s a long time to wait to access all the benefits of N26. That’s why we’ve launched EPS payments. With EPS, you can top up your account instantly—in just a few stEPS! Your funds will be available for use right away. Whether it’s 3 a.m. or a lazy Sunday afternoon—you can top up your account balance from anywhere, 24/7.

What is EPS and how does it work?

EPS is short for ‘electronic payment standard’. It’s a secure online payment system developed by several Austrian banks and STUZZA, an organization for consulting and standardizing services in the Austrian banking sector. If you have an Austrian bank account, you can easily top up your N26 account using EPS. During your transaction, you’ll automatically be redirected to your Austrian bank’s online portal to confirm the transfer—no need to enter any bank external bank details in your N26 app!

Forget tedious standard transfers—with EPS, you’ll receive your funds in an instant. Simply log in to your N26 app, add money via EPS, and confirm the transaction with your Austrian bank. Talk about fast! Just follow the steps below to get started with EPS.

How to top up your N26 account with EPS

Want to top up your N26 account effortlessly and instantly with EPS? Simply follow these stEPS!

  1. Open your N26 account in minutes.
  2. Confirm your identity via video verification.
  3. Log in to your N26 account via the mobile or web app.
  4. Tap on ‘Add money’ on your home screen. A list of options to deposit funds will pop up. 
  5. Choose ‘EPS’, enter the desired amount and confirm the transaction.
  6. You’ll be redirected to your Austrian bank. Confirm the transaction in your online banking portal, and you’re done!

Please note: You can deposit a maximum of €450 into your N26 account per calendar month. The minimum amount is €20, and your very first deposit is free of charge. For all following deposits, we’ll charge a fee of 3% of the transaction amount. The first free payment applies to all other instant top-up options, such as credit card or giropay. So, if you’ve already topped up your account balance using a different method, your first EPS transfer will incur the 3% fee.

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Your money at N26

No matter where you are, with N26, you’ll always have access to 100% mobile banking. Send or receive money within seconds with instant payments—and thanks to real-time push notifications, you’ll always know what’s happening on your account. Plus, you’ll get purchase categorization and insights into your monthly spending N26 Statistics.

Set spending limits to stay within budget, and create Rules to keep on top of your bills. And, if you need to deposit funds into your N26 account instantly, try EPS! It’s secure and only takes a few seconds. Find the bank account that fits your lifestyle and sign up today.

What is EPS?

EPS is an online payment system developed by numerous Austrian banks and the organization for cooperation in monetary transactions (STUZZA).

Can I top up my N26 account balance with EPS?

Yes, you can deposit funds into your N26 bank account instantly using EPS. Simply tap on ‘Add money’ on the home screen of your N26 app, choose ‘EPS’, enter the amount and confirm the transaction in your Austrian online bank account. The funds will be made available in your N26 account in seconds.

Can I use EPS outside Austria?

Sure! You can top up your N26 bank account balance with EPS from anywhere. Just make sure you’re sending money from a checking account with an Austrian bank that offers EPS.

Is EPS free of charge?

Your very first deposit with EPS will be free of charge with N26. For every following EPS transfer to your N26 account, you’ll be charged a fee of 3% of the transaction amount.

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