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Investment for all of us

Simple, flexible investing right from the N26 app.

A few taps is all it takes

Fund your investment directly from your N26 account

Choose a one time or monthly investment amount

Choose your investment portfolio

See how your investment could grow 2

Simple, yet customized by you

Automatic features keep your portfolio mix on track.

Choose a one-time or monthly investment. Based on your chosen investment portfolio, you'll get a smart mix of 5 funds comprised of diversified stocks and bonds.3 In case the stock/bond mix of your chosen portfolio drifts over time, you'll benefit from smart allocation of each deposit and annual rebalancing.

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Fair and transparent fees, flexible access

  • Service fees start at € 1,90 per month and portfolio
  • Service fees on investments of at least € 2.300 are <1% annually
  • Track your performance right in the app

1Eligibility to use N26 Invest is subject to requirements for tax residence, citizenship and identity verification.

2This is an investment product with the risk of capital loss, including initial principal. You choose your own risk profile based on a conservative, moderate, or aggressive portfolio.

3N26 Bank GmbH is merely acting as an investment intermediary. Neither N26 GmbH nor N26 Bank GmbH execute an assessment of suitability and appropriateness with regard to a user's investment decision.
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