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N26 celebrates 7 million customers

Thank you to all 7 million N26 customers across 25 markets who have trusted us to put their financial interests first.

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Two days ago, we celebrated our 6th birthday—six years since N26, or Number26 as it was known at the time, launched our free digital bank accounts. N26 was our first step to building something that would simplify banking, bring it into the 21st century, and allow people to manage their money the way they managed many other aspects of their lives—digitally. 

Today, we also have another reason to celebrate—we’ve also just welcomed our 7 millionth customer to N26. Over the years, we’ve become an international force for change in our industry, serving the interests of many generations with our 1,500 immensely talented employees. 

We’re humbled by the journey our customers and team members have taken us on, growing from a Berlin start-up to a global pioneer. And along the way, we’ve helped millions of people around the world bank better with the power of technology. 

Today, in a climate where more people are turning to digital banking than before, N26 is proud to have been chosen by 7 million people across 25 markets across Europe and the US. These customers have chosen to trust in us to put their financial interests first. 

In 2020, we saw more people turning to digital banking than ever before. It has been incredibly humbling to learn just how important a role we can play in helping you, our customers, feel more empowered, confident and in control of your finances—especially in the confining and uncertain times we live in. 

That’s why we focused our energies on three important things in the last year to make your experience with N26 even better:

  1. Giving you more control, confidence and peace of mind
  2. Introducing new features to help you bank easily during the pandemic
  3. Empowering everyday banking in the digital age.

We’ve outgrown the perception that digital banking is designed for a particular generation—and together we’ve proven that it’s universally relevant for the time we live in. In periods of uncertainty, we know it's even more important that you always know that we’ve got you, and that you’re always in control. From upgrading our AI-powered chatbot to cover a broader range of topics, to introducing new security features for online payments, and adding new toggles to our app to allow you to adjust security and payment settings in real-time, we’ve built out more ways for you to bank digitally with complete confidence and peace of mind. In doing so, we’ve set the standard for service and security in a digital world. 

Our teams have worked tirelessly to accelerate innovations that help you bank better in the pandemic. We introduced Instant Banking so you can bank digitally with N26 via your mobile wallet, even before your physical card is delivered. And we’ve also launched Round-Ups, a feature that automatically rounds up each purchase to the nearest euro and sets it aside to make saving during the crisis effortless and easy. More recently, we’ve even extended our travel cover with Allianz to cover pandemic-related claims. 

In 2020, we also saw monthly transaction volumes hit an all time high of over €5.5 billion at the end of the year. This tells us that more of you are deciding to manage your finances online, and choosing us as your everyday bank. With this, we’re continuing to improve the N26 banking experience and offer additional value across our subscriptions. Building on the added functionalities of our iconic Spaces sub-accounts, and new digital payment capabilities with IBAN and QR code scanners introduced last year, we’ve even more planned in 2021 to make everyday banking a breeze. From bill splitting to smarter insights and statistics, to IBANs for Spaces and updates to our premium subscriptions N26 You and N26 Metal, there’s a lot in store. 

In addition, we also plan to build out a seamless connection to the financial ecosystem, allowing you to do much more within the banking experience with a new N26 Marketplace. With this, we want to offer you to bank with N26 in new ways. 

As we approach these ambitious plans, the greatest reward for our efforts is to see the hard work of our incredible team pay off, knowing that we’re helping people around the world bank better with N26. Thank you to all 7 million of you for trusting us as your bank of choice! 

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