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There are innumerable occasions for which transferring cash immediately is important. For example, paying your friend back for “pizza,” which has happened 991 times. We know this because we anonymously examined all 213.688 MoneyBeam transactions, and learned more about the way people share their money and their thoughts with their friends and contacts.


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In fact, “pizza” was #3 in the food-related comments that people attached to their transfers. “Bier” comes in at #5 with 437 comments. Beer counts as food, right?


It’s no surprise that meals are popular purchases that we make and share. We all have to eat. We also take care of practical needs like “rent,” or “Miete,” which was mentioned 497 times, or “taxi,” 280 times.


It’s clear that users are making and sharing purchases across multiple categories, but how much do they cost? The minimum amount you can send is €0.01, which has been sent 11.575 times. This makes sense as people test the waters of a new product (“Test” has been sent 5.322 times), especially when it’s their hard-earned cash involved.

Next we analyzed time of day. Is MoneyBeam the great unifier for group lunches? Is it a daily morning greeting in cash form?

What We Spend

Tuesday was the day of the week with the highest number of transfers with 33.709, or 13,01% over the average of 29.826 transfers. We observed big dropoffs in transfers during the weekend, suggesting that MoneyBeam is hugely popular between work groups, but perhaps not (yet) as much in social groups outside the office. And on Monday, everyone must be broke :)

Let’s disrupt the social fabric a little bit and take a closer look at the different kinds of MoneyBeam users. To segment distinct personality types, we looked at the behavior of users on an individual basis and assigned “points” for different behavioral categories.

The different MoneyBeam personalities often confirmed their user type with the comments they were more likely than average to send. Our most popular Socialite received transfers from 64 different users. That’s a lot of drinks.


Our biggest Sender sent 132 MoneyBeam transfers to just one person. Our two biggest Ping-Pongers sent MoneyBeam transfers to just each other 123 times. The most committed users have clearly made MoneyBeam an integral part of their daily transactions. One user has even received a cumulative €49.162 in MoneyBeam transfers!

Banking by Design

The growing popularity of MoneyBeam in both the number of transactions and the cumulative amount transacted suggests that users are increasingly comfortable with realtime transactions.


There have been more than 213.688 MoneyBeam transfers of €13.094.910,33 total. We’re able to provide the necessary safeguards against fraud so it’s possible to make safe transactions quickly and easily. As we expand into more countries, we’re confident that we’ll see comparable usage and even more interesting information over the coming year.


Let’s check in on this graph of all MoneyBeam transfers again soon.

Every MoneyBeam sent includes the option for a reference text. The #1 most sent reference comment is the default message, “Hey, ich habe dir soeben Geld von meinem NUMBER26 Konto gesendet. Probiers' auch, mehr Infos unter www.N26.com.” This, and variations of the default message, has been sent a combined 59.411 times.


Don’t let that stat fool you into thinking that MoneyBeam users are not an expressive bunch, because the following graph shows how much they love showing their affection. Sometimes they say it in more explicit ways than others.


The MoneyBeam Personality Types

What We Send

The day of the month with the highest volume of MoneyBeam transfers has been the 29th, with 7.770 transfers, or a 17,27% increase over the average of 6.626 transfers per day. When users get paid in the final week, they start to spend again. We see a notable decrease on the 31st because there’s only a 31st day in 7 of the 12 months.

MoneyBeam allows you to transfer money to your friends and contacts instantly. At N26, we think the ability to safely make realtime transactions should be mandatory for a bank.

MoneyBeam is another way N26 is bringing personal banking into the modern world. To learn more, visit N26.com.

We then put them into the group where they had the most points. Here’s how it looks.

The maximum MoneyBeam transfer limit was previously €100, which has been sent 17.972 times. It then became €1.000, which has been sent 1.844 times. This makes sense as users sent multiple transfers of €100 to pay for larger purchases before we raised the limit to €1.000.


We’re seeing MoneyBeam activity from all around the country as Euros travel between friends across the office and across borders. The five most popular cities are Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Hamburg and Cologne. Berlin is our home so it’s clearly #1 with 42.133 transfers, or 274,95% more than the next city.

Where are these people anyway?