Capricorn: Your financial horoscope

Capricorns are known to be hard-working and materialistic, but they’re so much more than that. Read on to learn why, and how they deal with money.

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In the N26 x Zodiac series, each month we dive deep into one of the twelve star signs. What are their talents, strengths, weaknesses, and above all: how do they deal with money? The descriptions of zodiac traits date back to antiquity, and though none are backed by science, many of us discover uncanny resemblances to our own character and those we love. Here, you can find our descriptions of all twelve zodiac signs at a glance. But here, we’re exploring the last star sign in our series: Capricorn! Here, you’ll learn how this star sign ticks and how it manages its money (and much more). 

The sign of Capricorn

The sign of Capricorn (the sign for those with birthdays between 22 December through 20 January) is positioned in the 10th segment of the zodiac, at 270 ° to 300 °. According to the Greek astronomer and mathematician Claudius Ptolemaus, this sign is female and its ruling planet is Saturn. Additionally, Mars is exalted in Capricorn, meaning it thrives when it enters this prudent sign. While Saturn stands for strength and reason, Mars represents dynamism, anger, and energy. Just like Virgo and Taurus, Capricorn is an earth sign, symbolizing stability and groundedness. It is also one of the cardinal signs, and is considered the most decisive, innovative, and dynamic of these. 

This zodiac is based on the comparatively innocuous constellation Capricornus, one of the oldest ones known to man. The Capricorn constellation is often referred to as the “goat-fish,” a creature with two horns and a fish tail. This description can be traced back to Babylonia, and was also adopted by Greek mythology. Pan, a goat-like god, is said to have jumped into the sea in attempts to transform into a fish. But this venture was only half a success, leaving the god half goat, half fish — an image that’s reflected in the image in the sky. Enough about the history of Capricorn — let’s move on to this fastidious star sign’s traits. 

Typical Capricorn traits

Down-to-earth, loyal, and compliant, Capricorns are people you can rely on. Especially professionally, as few star signs are as hard-working, well-organized, resilient, and dependable. At moments when others would have long-since thrown in the towel, strong-willed Capricorns push through at almost any cost. Like Leos, Capricorns are strongly motivated by money and status, though some might approach things more discreetly. For this sign doesn’t relish being in the limelight — they prefer to gain recognition through hard work. A new project, a well-earned promotion, or launching a new business are all things that give Capricorns a deep sense of satisfaction. 

Capricorns also have a strong sense of responsibility. They like to lead, be social, and to communicate well. However, folks with this star sign aren’t exactly known for their warmth, and have been described as curt, serious, and a bit too direct. This is probably due to their high intellect and relentless standards. But because being popular isn’t so important to Capricorns, this isn’t a primary concern. They understand that if you want respect, you won’t be able to please everyone — and that doing so would block their way to their own achievements. A born realist and pragmatist, Capricorns prefer an efficient approach. They also intuitively understand that much of life boils down to appearances. While other signs are easily wooed by charming Libras, Capricorns take their time debating whether or not they can trust someone — a fact that’s equally true in work and in love. 

Those with a sun or ascendant Capricorn are said to get along well with the independent Virgo and the seductive Scorpio. The tried-and-true Taurus is also similar in character. An Aries, on the other hand, may be too volatile and the emotional character of a Cancer may be too preoccupied with themselves to give a Capricorn the time of day. But no matter who a Capricorn teams up with, you can always rely on their friendship. Thanks to their somewhat materialistic nature, they love to show affection through gifts and financial support. And though they may not be the most empathetic of signs, their down-to-earth nature and eagerness to learn make Capricorns great conversationalists. 

Other aspects of a Capricorn’s character

Hard work, independence, and a strong will are all wonderful characteristics, but they can also reach extreme proportions. When this happens, Capricorns may be accused of being stubborn, aloof, and perfectionistic. In fact, this star sign works so hard, they are often at risk of burnout. Even as employees, they approach every task with an entrepreneurial mindset, and give it their all. For their loved ones who may be neglected due to work, this can be hard to handle. Reasons for a Capricorn’s workaholism can be varied. On the one hand, this suspicious sign may have trouble delegating tasks, while their perfectionism tells them that no one else can do the job as well as they can. It’s no wonder that other zodiac signs call Capricorns out for not being a team player. 

And yet, the high expectations that Capricorns have for those around them are also the standards they hold themselves to. This star sign has a tough inner critic, and never believes it’s good enough. This means it constantly feels it has to achieve new heights to prove itself. This can lead the already serious Capricorn to becoming chronically dissatisfied, or even depressed. This isn’t just about perfectionism, but a certain ego-driven nature. Whereas sociable signs like Gemini seek out conversation, Capricorns tend to keep their worries and fears to themselves. 

That is…unless someone gets on their nerves. Those with a sun or moon in Capricorn are often more emotional than they seem. Most learned early on to hide their true selves, which is why the original interpretation of the constellation as Goat Fish is so interesting. Pisces (the other fish sign) are considered to be very emotional. Perhaps this explains why Capricorns have a soft underbelly, and need much more attention than they’d like to admit. With the right company, Capricorns can live out this vulnerable side — they just need time to open up. This process of unfolding is essential for them to realize that they are valued for who they are, and that work certainly isn’t everything. 

Capricorns and their finances

Now you know what makes a Capricorn tick, but what about their relationship to money? Let’s take a look. 

How a Capricorn deals with money

As we’ve learned, those with Capricorn in their horoscope are immensely hard workers, and tend to strive for status and financial security. It’s no wonder that Capricorns are good with money and have a positive money mindset. They love luxury, but are also savers and purists. That's why they tend to make smart financial decisions and think carefully about what they can and can’t afford. An expensive wristwatch, a tasteful piece of furniture, an electric car: these are things that Capricorns love to show off. They’ve got no time for short-lived trends and cheap mass-produced goods.

Thanks to their impressive levels of self-control, this zodiac sign is not prone to impulse purchases. Instead, they conscientiously create meal plans and shopping lists, and compare providers in search of the best electricity tariff. But in reality, Capricorns don't necessarily have to worry about money. This stubborn and assertive zodiac sign will never deviate from their goals, even in the toughest salary negotiations. Whether it’s with self-employment taxes, pension contributions, or setting their hourly rate, Capricorns definitely do not sell themselves short.

This, again, is mainly about their long-term goals. Capricorns are strategists, meaning they always have an emergency fund and a diversified, cleverly thought-out investment strategy, from fixed-term deposits to real estate. For example, they may spend significant time studying the specifics of sustainable investing and learning about applicable taxes before investing money in stocks. Of course, this dutiful zodiac sign would never miss a tax return deadline and knows exactly which insurance policies you need — and which you don't.

Capricorns are rightly considered the ideal friend to have when it comes to private financial planning. They’re also very generous and tend to lift up their loved ones — not only with advice and care, but with financial support. In return, they could learn a thing or two from the more relaxed zodiac signs, including how to live more in the here and now. 

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