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N26 x mjam—order food online

Order your food online, and enjoy up to 20% discount on 10 mjam orders!

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We’ve all been there—the semi-hopeful look into the fridge after a long day and the disappointing view. Quick run to Billa? It looks like it’s going to be frozen pizza again.

Or you could order your favorite dish from that restaurant around the corner, without even taking one step outside. Thanks to the free mjam app you can easily order food home—directly on your smartphone. As an N26 customer you profit from up to 20% on 10 (yes, ten!) orders. Learn more below!

Mjam—let others cook for you

Schnitzel, burger or sushi? On mjam, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Just browse the menus of the restaurants in your area on the mjam app or on mjam.net. Made your decision? Good, the hard part is over! Now you just have to add your delivery address and enter your promo code. That’s it, your food will soon be delivered!

By the way, there’s an even faster and more environmentally friendly way to order via mjam—with the “Radlexpress,” your food is delivered via bike.

As an N26 customer, you can enjoy discounts on 10 orders via mjam. Standard customers get 10% off and premium customers 20%. All you need to do is enter your promo code when ordering your food.

This is how it works

  1. Open the Discover tab on your N26 app
  2. Find the mjam discount under “Discounts” and tap on the link
  3. Enter your promo code when placing your order—done!

Important: You can use the promo code for orders of €10 or more, and on 10 separate orders. The promotion ends on the 31.12.2020. You can’t use the promo code in combination with other discounts.

Not a N26 customer yet?

Open your free N26 account in less than 8 minutes, directly on your smartphone and without any paperwork. In addition to partner offers at well-known brands, you’ll enjoy an array of innovative features, such as Spaces sub-accounts for an even better way to budget and save.

Want to get even more out of your bank account? Enjoy 20% off at mjam instead of 10%—create up to 10 sub-accounts, and enjoy a comprehensive insurance package for lifestyle, travel and mobility. Discover N26 You and N26 Metal now!

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