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Are you making the most of your N26 Spaces? Discover the full range of benefits behind one of our most popular features.

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Here at N26, we believe you should be the one in control of your money. Our N26 Spaces feature can help you manage your finances better and save like a pro. Read on to learn more about this flexible, innovative feature!

You probably already know that N26 Spaces are sub-accounts that you can create in just a few taps on your smartphone. You can set your own goals, whether for a project or an upcoming purchase. But there’s even more to it than that. Have you turned on Round-Ups to help you save even faster? Or created your own unique Rules to automate your savings plan? Now you can even add IBANs to your N26 Spaces to manage incoming and outgoing transactions, directly from each N26 Spaces sub-account.

Please note—as a premium feature, N26 Spaces are only available for N26 Smart, N26 You, and N26 Metal customers. Each customer can create up to 10 sub-accounts with N26 Spaces. Beyond N26 Spaces, our premium plans are packed with even more perks and benefits—see our full range of features here.

In this article you’ll learn how to:

  • Create, customize, and delete spaces
  • Create and delete Rules
  • Save money with Round-Ups
  • Add IBANS to your spaces

You can even manage funds together with friends and family with N26 Shared Spaces. Find out everything you need to know about this collaborative feature right here.

How to create and personalize N26 Spaces

As a premium customer, you can have up to 10 Spaces sub-accounts at any given time—and you can edit, delete, or create new spaces whenever you like. Read on to learn how.

Remember—be extra careful when editing or deleting N26 Spaces with IBANs, as you only get 10 of IBANs in total. 

Creating an N26 Spaces sub-account

Creating your first space is easy:  

  1. Open the ‘Finances’ tab in your N26 app, and tap on Create new space
  2. Name your new space and choose a corresponding icon  
  3. Tap Confirm and Create space—that’s it! 

Continue personalizing your space as needed by creating your own savings goal, and setting a deadline for reaching your goal. You can also skip this step and do it later—just go to your space and tap on the Manage icon, whenever you want.

Editing or deleting an N26 Spaces sub-account

Open your space and tap on the Settings icon in the top right corner to edit or delete your selected space. There, you’ll have the following options:

  • Customize your space—change the icon or name of your space
  • Lock your space—block transfers from this space (e.g. with Rules)
  • Download a bank statement—download a bank statement for this particular space
  • Delete this space

Move money between Spaces

You can easily drag and drop money between your main account and your spaces in real time. Simply tap the space where you want to move the money from, and drag your finger to the space you want to move the money to. Once you lift your finger, a screen will appear where you can enter the desired transfer amount, and confirm the transfer to your chosen space. The money will be moved immediately. 

Save up with Spaces

Use N26 Spaces sub-accounts to easily organize your money and save up for your goals.
Discover sub-accounts
Different N26 spaces to save money.

Save easily with N26 Rules

Create up to 10 Rules for your N26 Spaces to make saving even easier. Rules are automated transactions—the exact amount and frequency is totally up to you. Learn how to create and delete rules below.

How to create a Rule

  1. Open your desired space and tap Manage
  2. Tap on Rules, then select Create a new Rule
  3. Now, tap on Select space at the top of the screen, and select the space (including your main account) that you want to transfer your money to
  4. Enter the amount you want to move with each transfer, and tap Continue (If you like, you can also add a comment for reference)
  5. Choose the frequency and date of the transfer—you can choose from daily, weekly, every two weeks and monthly.

Don’t worry—the money will be transferred only if you have sufficient funds in the given space or your main account.

How to delete a Rule

If you no longer need a Rule or want to replace it with another one, changing your Rules is easy:

  1. Open your selected space, tap on Manage, and then go to Rules
  2. There, you’ll see all the active Rules for this space. Look for the Rule you want to delete, and tap on the 3 vertical dots next to it.
  3. You will then be asked if you want to delete that Rule. Tap on Confirm.

You can only have up to 10 different Rules at the same time, but you can edit or delete them as often as you wish. This way, you can feel confident knowing that you always have total control over your money.

Save on a daily basis with Round-Ups

Save money every time you spend, thanks to Round-Ups. With this premium feature, your total is rounded up to the nearest euro every time you make a purchase with your N26 card. The difference is then transferred automatically into the space of your choice, helping you save little by little every day.

Want to ramp up your savings even more? Choose a Round-Ups multiplier to save even faster. For example, imagine you’re buying a cup of coffee for €2.70—now, €0.30 would go straight to your Space from your main account. With a multiplier of ‘x2’, you would then save €0.60.

Activate Round-Ups

You can only activate Round-Ups for one space. This is how it works:

  1. Open your chosen space and tap Manage
  2. Tap Manage Round-Ups 
  3. Activate Round-Ups by moving the Enable Round-Ups slider 
  4. Now you can select a multiplier—choose from 1x, 2x, 3x or 5x

Move Round-Ups

Want to activate Round-Ups for a different space? Simply follow the steps above. You’ll then be asked if you want to reallocate Round-Ups—all you need to do is confirm.

The bank account that gives you more control

Spend and save with confidence, and discover a better way to manage your money
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N26 Spaces with IBANs

Premium customers now get up to 10 unique IBANs to assign to their N26 Spaces! This handy feature means that you can send and receive SEPA transfers directly from the space itself.

Have your salary transferred directly into a space, and only move as much money to your main account as you’re willing to spend. You can also create an N26 Space with IBAN for bills, subscriptions, or other fixed expenditures, and have all the payments automatically debited from the space, using the unique IBAN for that space.

Are you self-employed? Assign projects or clients to a specific space with its unique IBAN, so you can organize your income and streamline your business expenses.

If you want to create a space with its own IBAN, you can do so as you set up the new sub-account. Simply go to the Finances tab in your N26 app, tap on Create a new space, and select Bills and payments. Once you’re all set up, this new space will automatically have its own IBAN attached.If you want to add an IBAN to an existing space, then simply tap on Settings, and select Add an IBAN to this space. Your chosen space will then have its own IBAN attached.

Just remember—if you want to remove an IBAN from a space, you’ll have to delete that space entirely, and that IBAN will no longer be available. The funds will be shifted safely to your main account, but you won’t be able to recover the IBAN. Premium N26 customers have 10 IBANs in total to use with N26 Spaces, so if you want to reallocate an IBAN to another space, try renaming and editing your space as you see fit. This way, you won’t lose any IBANs forever.

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