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Realtime features unique to N26

  • Turn payments on and off when you’re abroad
  • Turn online transactions on and off
  • Turn ATM withdrawals on and off
  • Set daily payment limits
  • Set daily withdrawal limits
  • Get realtime notifications after every transaction

Seriously. Everything Mastercard does

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Accepted at over 36 million locations worldwide

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Shop online or offline worldwide with
 no foreign currency surcharge

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Integrated into the N26
 bank account

3 most asked questions

Can I use the Mastercard worldwide?

Yes - everywhere that accepts Mastercard will accept the N26 Mastercard. You can use it at over 36 million locations worldwide, and there's no surcharge when you pay in stores or online in a foreign currency.

Do you offer a Mastercard with insurance coverage?

Yes - we offer a premium account and Mastercard called N26 Black, which includes a comprehensive insurance policy from Allianz, one of the most trusted insurance companies in the world. N26 Black membership costs €5,90/month.

How long does it take to receive the Mastercard?

You should receive your N26 Mastercard within three to four business days. International orders may take up to six business days longer.