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Our guide to all the government benefits you can get in 2021

Find out how you can obtain housing aid, family benefits, and more.

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The 2021 Budget Law includes a number of major benefits to help distribute cash benefits and prizes. First, there’s the rollout of the full government cashback initiative, which comes after the experimental phase that was introduced in December 2020. On top of that, there are plenty of other incentives in different areas. What’s more the final date to apply for some of the 2020 benefits has been extended to give you another chance at earning more in 2021. We drew up a small overview of the latest and most relevant bonuses in 2021 and how you can apply to get them.

Eyewear bonus (Sight Protection Fund)

The eyewear bonus provides a one-time voucher for the purchase of prescription eyeglasses and corrective contact lenses.

Who is eligible for the bonus? The eyewear bonus is aimed at members of a household with an Equivalent Financial Situation Indicator (Indicatore della situazione economica equivalente, ISEE) that does not exceed €10,000 per year.

How much is the bonus? The voucher granted by the eyewear bonus amounts to €50 and is valid for all purchases made between 2021 and 2023.

What is the deadline and how can I request the bonus? The criteria, procedures, and terms for granting the eyewear bonus are laid out in an inter-ministerial decree published by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Water bonus (water tap bonus)

You can qualify for this incentive if you intend to renovate existing buildings, parts of existing buildings or individual building units to replace:

  • Ceramic toilet bowls with new low-flow fixtures
  • Existing plumbing fixtures, showerheads, and shower towers with new flow-restricting fixtures

Who is eligible for the bonus? Any person residing in Italy can request this bonus.

How much is the bonus? Up to €1,000.

What is the deadline for the request? Your application must be submitted by December 31, 2021.

How can I request the bonus? At the time this article is being published, the water bonus hasn’t officially been approved by the government, and so it’s not possible to apply at this time. If approved, the procedure and terms for the grant and payment of the bonus will be announced by a special decree from the Minister of the Environment.

TV bonus

With replacement of the DVB-T1 transmission standard by the DVB-T2 standard expected in 2022, the TV bonus is a subsidy aimed to replace television sets for sets that can handle the new standard.

Who is eligible for the bonus? Any person residing in Italy with an ISEE value that does not exceed €20,000 can get the TV bonus.

How much is the bonus? There’s a maximum bonus of €50 on the purchase of your new TV set.

What is the deadline for the request? You must apply for this bonus by the end of 2022.

How can I request the bonus? Like the water bonus, the terms of the TV bonus haven’t officially been established yet. They are expected to be announced in a decree from the President of the Council of Ministers or the Secretary of State together with the Minister of Economy and Finance and the Minister of Economic Development.

Digitalization bonus (smartphone bonus)

The smartphone bonus is part of the so-called digitalization kit bonus aimed at low-income families. This bonus grants you a free smartphone with data connection during the course of a year, or a bonus with an equivalent value to be used for the same purpose. The digitalization bonus also includes a subscription to two newspapers and the pre-installed IO app on the smartphone.

What are the eligibility criteria to request the bonus?

  • Only one person per household may request it.
  • At least one family member must be a student (in school or university).
  • The ISEE annual income must not exceed €20,000.
  • Not intended for those who already have an internet or mobile phone contract.
  • You must have an SPID.

What is the deadline for the request? Currently undefined.

How can I request the bonus? While the exact parameters of the smartphone bonus haven’t been announced yet, they will be clarified in an official decree from the President of the Council of Ministers or from the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitalization.

Building façade bonus, furniture bonus and all other bonuses extended to 2021

The following incentives that were available in 2020 have been extended to December 31, 2021:

  • The building façade bonus provides a 90% tax break for the recovery or restoration of the external façade of existing buildings.
  • A 50% IRPEF tax deduction for building renovation.
  • The eco bonus provides incentives for energy-efficient retrofitting of individual building units.
  • The furniture bonus for the purchase of furniture and large household appliances with a high energy rating, with a maximum deductible expense increased from €10,000 to €16,000.
  • The car bonus, which provides incentives for the purchase or lease of an environmentally friendly car.

In keeping with the government’s push for greater environmental efficiency, the 110% Superbonus has been extended until June 30, 2022. This bonus provides a 110% deduction on those expenses incurred by private individuals, multi-apartment buildings, and businesses that make investments to improve the energy efficiency of a building or reduce its seismic risk.

Furthermore, from January 1, 2021, the process to obtain the energy bonus has been simplified—you will no longer have to request it at a municipal office or at a tax advice center (Centro di assistenza fiscale, CAF). The bonus is granted automatically to any Italian citizen who is entitled to receive it. All they need to do is submit the Single Substitute Declaration (Dichiarazione sostitutiva unica, DSU) to request the ISEE certificate.

Child bonus and other family bonuses

The main measure for families included in the Budget Law is the child bonus (Single Allowance, Assegno Unico).

The following measures have also been confirmed or modified for 2021:

  • In 2021, paternity leave increases from 7 to 10 days—these can be taken during the first 5 months after the birth of the child
  • Deductions for dependent children and family allowances with at least three dependent children remain unchanged in 2021.
  • The baby bonus is also available in 2021.

The Family Act, issued on June 11, 2020, created the Single Allowance for Children as a universal family support measure that will replace existing support measures by July 1, 2021. It includes the allowance for households (Assegni per il nucleo familiare, ANF), mother-to-be bonus, baby bonus, and deductions for dependent children. This measure provides a monthly allowance to all families for each dependent child.

How much is the bonus? Detailed information on the Family Act is still missing. However, it is expected that €240 shall be issued for every child, with a larger amount issued for the third child.

When does it start? The child bonus is paid from the seventh month of pregnancy until the age of 18. The 18-year limit may be extended to 21 years of age if the son or the daughter is studying at school, at university, pursuing vocational training, or carrying out a year of community service. For children with disabilities, the 21-year limit is extended for life.

Who is eligible for the bonus? The child bonus will be paid according to the ISEE, the number of family members, and the age of the dependent children.

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