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N26—100% mobile banking in Austria

Enjoy free payments, smart features, full transparency and control over your money, and much more. N26—the first bank you’ll love.

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N26—The bank you'll love

Of course, it’s not easy to fit all of our features and perks into a 20 second video, so we’d love to introduce you to a little bit more. You might have heard that N26 offers 100% mobile banking—but what does that mean exactly? What are the advantages of a bank account that you can manage fully from your smartphone? Below, learn more about what N26 has to offer—a bank that was founded by Austrians, and that’s rapidly expanded to reach millions of customers all over Europe and the US.

Enjoy full control over your money

Global industries are always evolving. So, why should the banking sector be any different? These days, we all have various needs when it comes to our money, and we require a wide range of services to meet them. And this is something that most of our banks from ten years ago struggled to deliver—let’s face it, we’ve all encountered those long queues at bank branches, complex jargon and lengthy, tedious processes that have left us disillusioned and confused.

At N26, we believe that banking should be as simple as ordering a Wiener Melange. And we make it easy for you, right from the very start—after all, you can open an N26 bank account in less than 8 minutes, directly on your smartphone. And even better, you can then top up your account in a few seconds and add it to Apple Pay so that—by the time you’ve finished your drink—your account is already up and running.

Smart money management & exclusive partner offers

Just like your lifestyle changes from time-to-time, our services and products are also continuously evolving so that they match your needs. And the epicenter of this development lies in our Innovation and Technology Hub in Vienna, where we work on new features that make your banking experience as intuitive and enjoyable as possible. Check out some of our other benefits:

  • Full transparency: alongside giving you 100% access to your account balance—no matter where you are—get push notifications after each transaction so you know exactly where your money is going. Hidden fees? Not with N26—we’ll always make you aware of any charges made to your account.
  • Spaces: you can create sub-accounts with just a few taps, right in the N26 app.
  • Spaces make it super easy to save up and budget money—just create a space, name it and pick an icon to go with it. You can also set savings goals or rules that automatically put money aside for you so you don’t even have to think twice.
  • Automatic spending categorization: the handy Statistics feature in your app shows you just how much money you’ve spent on what. You can also #tag your transactions with custom hashtags, such as #skiingholiday or #tamarasbirthday for a better overview.
  • Exclusive N26 Perks: your N26 account is so much more than just a bank account. Discover our selection of partner offers—which we continuously update to suit your needs—and spice up your day-to-day with a wide variety of deals that enhance body and mind.

No hidden fees, no hassle

As an N26 customer, benefit from free payments worldwide in any currency, and withdraw money within the Eurozone free of charge. As the future is now contactless—your N26 card also comes enabled with NFC technology, and you can always use your smartphone to pay through your mobile wallet. And of course, you can always rest assured that your account is secure, thanks to our additional safety measures, so you can shop online without worry. Learn more about security at N26 here.

It’s easy to make the switch

As with most things at N26, switching your account over to us is also very simple—and free of charge! Our partner finleap automatically transfers all of your recurring payments, direct debits and standing orders to your N26 account—click here to learn more about this free service.

Discover a new way of banking with N26—the bank account that adapts to your lifestyle. Sign up now and open your N26 bank account in less than 8 minutes!

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