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Vienna Calling: The Vienna Tech Hub

N26 is pleased to open our global technology and innovation hub in Vienna! Austria’s Capital is now our third European office after Berlin and Barcelona. Find out more here.

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We’re very pleased to finally open our global technology and innovation hub in beautiful Vienna! Vienna is now our third European office after Berlin and Barcelona, and we believe that it’s the perfect addition to our network of diverse office locations. While Silicon Valley has always been seen as the global home of tech companies, we’ve set our mind on building opportunities for product innovation across Europe. We’re counting on Vienna to deliver first-class banking solutions for freelancers worldwide.

Why Vienna?

In addition to its vibrant culture, Vienna is a great place to live for internationals, but particularly for those with families. In fact, it has been voted the city with the world’s highest quality of living for a decade. This is a great asset to attracting the right talent who can help N26 pursue innovation of the highest standard. Currently, our Vienna team houses 15 employees, with more recruitment underway. Eventually, we’re planning on employing up to 300 software developers and product managers.

What could this mean for Vienna and Europe?

In recent years, exciting new tech hubs have emerged in European cities such as Dublin and Amsterdam. We believe that Vienna has the potential to be the next emerging hub and at N26, we want to invest in the vision that ground-breaking innovations will primarily come from Europe in the future.

How will this work for Vienna?

As an employer of choice, N26 was recently voted Germany's most popular startup employer on LinkedIn. N26 draws talent from all over the globe—our Berlin headquarters employ people from 70 nationalities. Globally, 1300 people work at N26—and they’re bringing experience from giants like Google, Uber and Zalando. Tech trailblazers don’t have to live in Silicon Valley to drive global innovation. N26 wants to accelerate Vienna’s role as a world-class innovation hub, and we’re sure other tech companies are bound to follow soon. In the end, Silicon Valley works like this: Top-employers attract talent from all over the world. Consequently, the high density of tech talent in the valley draws additional investors and companies.

Just by having an N26 bank account, you give N26 the power to invest in our diverse talent and communities—and thus help us set new milestones for Europe’s future as a world-class driver of global innovation.

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