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N26’s new features to manage your expenses in a simple and intuitive way during holidays

  • Keeping your budget under control, categorizing expenses, monitoring monthly outgoings and trends, having a complete overview of recurring payments, this and more thanks to the latest updates of N26 app

  • For those who are preparing to leave with friends, or simply have returned to enjoy lunches and dinners out with, a new feature - Split the Bill - allows you to divide joint purchases with friends or family into equal or different parts

Split the bill

Milan – Managing your savings and keeping your expenses under control is not easy and very often it is a source of worry and stress, as confirmed by a research commissioned by The Mobile Bank N26 which has shown that the tensions generated by financial problems are comparable to those of a traumatic life event such as a difficult separation.

However, financial stress can be reduced thanks to the right tools and that is why N26 has made some latest updates to its offer, designing them precisely to help users keep their budget and expenses under control in a comfortable, simple and intuitive way, especially in view of the holidays.

  • N26 Statistics has been recently updated to provide even more detailed and insightful information on an individual spending habits. Available to all N26 account holders, new N26 Statistics can be accessed straight from the Home tab of the N26 app, displaying breakdowns of spending within categories such as ‘Household & Utilities,’ ‘Food & Groceries,’ ‘Shopping’, ‘Travel’ and more, helping customers automatically track and benchmark their spending against their usual 3-months average in real time. Graphs and actionable insights will highlight where spending may have been exceeding the usual monthly average, so that the account holder can easily see changes in spending patterns and know when they need to adjust expenditure to meet their budgeting needs.

    Moreover, they will be able to get a complete overview of their recurring payments, such as subscription services, gym memberships, rent, internet and other monthly charges all in one place, without having to scroll through endless transaction lists. Upcoming payments and due dates are also included in this easy visual snapshot of one’s monthly spending, so that customers can easily adjust behavior in future, and plan ahead for the coming month.

  • N26 Split the Bill - According to N26 research, after more than a year of social distancing and staying in, 47% of Europeans are confident about going out in restaurants and bars in the next six months, a sign that things are gradually getting back to normal. What better way to celebrate than by dining out with friends?

    With N26 Split the Bill, N26 customers can easily split shared expenses in every situation, as the new feature allows them to divide up the cost for any kind of purchase with friends, family and loved ones, directly within the N26 app. Whether for a dinner out with friends, renting a car for a summer roadtrip or sharing a gift for a birthday, the process is made painless, intuitive and quick through Split the Bill.

    N26 account holders can choose between splitting a bill evenly or entering custom amounts for each participant, and can add as many participants as they like, even if they are not N26 customers.

    Once a purchase has been made, selecting the transaction found in the Home tab will give any N26 customer the ability to choose to “Split the Bill” and confirm how the total should be split, and with whom. This will trigger an automatic Moneybeam request from N26 customers for the specified amount, or will share a message with bank details and instructions for non-N26 customers.

More information on N26 Split the Bill is available here and N26 Statistics here.

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