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N26 app release notes—H1 edition

Your N26 app is constantly evolving to improve your user experience. Read on to discover what’s new with our latest app release notes from January to June, 2022.

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Looking for an older update? Find all app release notes up to December 2020 here!

Update for 7 June, 2022

New widget for iOS users

You asked, we listened! The iOS widget for monthly budgeting is here! Add the widget to your home screen and live-track your budget every time you unlock your phone.

Update for 29 March, 2022

Monthly Wrap-Up

Drumroll please! And….we're back with a brand new feature: Monthly Wrap-Up

Smartphone which shows the monthly wrap-up.

Get a personalized snapshot of your spending, saving, and budgeting. Plus, get fast answers to your burning questions, like:

  • Did you spend more on Food & Groceries or Shopping?
  • How much did you save this month?
  • In which stores did you spend the most?

Curious? Simply go to Insights in your Home tab to check it out!

Budgeting made simple

N26 Spaces sub-accounts make it easy to set money aside for your goals in just a few taps.
Get sub-accounts in minutes (new tab)
Different N26 spaces to save money.

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