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Everything you need to know about the ISEE 2023

The ISEE allows you to access lots of services and benefits such as bonuses and tuition fees. Read on to find out how to apply.

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The Equivalent Economic Status Index (ISEE) is used to assess and certify a household’s annual income and assets. It identifies the income bracket that a household belongs to. So, why do you need it and how can you get your own? Take a look at our practical guide to ISEE certification.

ISEE 2023 assessment—how does it work?

In order to get the ISEE you need to submit the Unified Substitutive Declaration (DSU). It’s a document that requires personal details, income, and asset information from your household in order to help paint a picture of your financial situation.

 There are several types of DSU:

  • Mini DSU—includes your main personal details and your household’s income and asset information. Quite often you only need to present the mini DSU to access the majority of the benefits.
  • Full DSU—includes additional information on top of what’s already in the mini DSU. This is required in special circumstances related to the household. For example, if an individual in the household is disabled or not completely independent, or for special services like studying at a university.
  • Current DSU or ISEE—must be submitted even if a valid ISEE has already been obtained, especially if your income has changed (for example, if you lost their job). In these cases, the current ISEE allows you to recalculate the ISEE value, taking the new financial situation of the entire household into account. The current ISEE is valid for 6 months.
  • Pre-filled DSU (or pre-filled ISEE—this is an online method that allows you to access a simplified online ISEE form that includes pre-filled data obtained from the Revenue Agency and INPS. It’s aimed at households that submitted a DSU to the INPS between 2016 and 2018.
  • DSU for university purposes (also called ISEE University or ISEE-U)—a certification that university students have to present when they enroll for the academic year and is used to calculate the payment of tuition fees based on the student’s household’s ability to contribute.

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What documents will you need to apply for ISEE 2023?

 To request the DSU for ISEE purposes, you will need:

  • A valid ID and a health card
  • Health cards for everyone in your household
  • A copy of the rental agreement and any relevant payment receipts

You will also need to include details about your income from the past two years. This means that for the ISEE 2023 application, you’ll be referencing your income from 2021. You’ll need:

  • Modello 730 or Modello Redditi PF 2022 (referring to the 2021 tax period)
  • Unique Certificate 2022
  • For agricultural business people: IRAP declaration
  • Spousal or child support payments made or received in 2021
  • Income while working abroad that has been taxed in a foreign country
  • Compensation, indemnities, social security, and welfare payments, income exempt for IRPEF purposes, scholarships and study grants

You’ll also have to make note of any movable or fixed assets from the past two years. This means that you need to include:

  • Your current balance and average balance of bank and post office deposits as of December 31, 2021. These amounts are declared in the FC.2 section of the ISEE form (under "bank and postal accounts and deposits") and are self-certified by the bank account holder—there's no need for paper documentation.
  • Deposit books, government securities, bonds, treasury bonds, certificates of credit, interest-bearing bonds, investment funds, stocks or shares held in companies or collective investment schemes, and any other form of movable asset management (including any assets abroad)
  • Information on fixed assets as per land registry searches
  • Mortgages, notarized deeds of sale, inheritance, fixed donation deeds and any other documentation that relates to fixed assets, even if they’re held abroad
  • Registration plates or registration details in the PRA/RID of motor vehicles or vehicles with an engine size equal or greater than 500 cc, or ships or recreational boats
  • For self-employed workers and companies: net assets resulting from the last financial statements presented.

In case of disability, you’ll need to add the following:

  • Certificate of disability
  • Any costs for hospitalization or hospitalization in residential facilities, as well as costs for personal assistance.

ISEE benefits—what can I get?

The ISEE allows you to access referral bonuses, social benefits and public utility services on favorable terms. For example, the ISEE certification allows you to access benefits such as:

  • Tuition fees
  • Certain types of bonuses such as the gas, light and water bonus, the baby bonus and the mother bonus
  • Citizenship income
  • Municipal and regional benefits

When is the ISEE deadline? 

You can request the ISEE declaration at any point during the year. Its validity starts from the date of submission and runs to the end of December 31 of the same calendar year. If you submit the ISEE form in 2023, for example, your ISEE certification will be valid until December 31, 2023.

Where do I submit the ISEE request form?

Once you have completed the DSU, the INPS will determine your ISEE. If you want to apply for the ISEE online, you can present your DSU to the INPS independently by visiting the dedicated web portal. Alternatively, the DSU may be submitted:

  • To the entity that provides the subsidized social benefit
  • At your municipality
  • At a Tax Advice Center (CAF)

Generally, your ISEE will be available around ten days after you submit your DSU.

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N26 and ISEE—what you need to know

The Equivalent Economic Status Index reflects your full financial situation including any assets, and an important part of this certification comes from the income in your bank account.

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