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Your guide to insurance quotes in Italy

Learn everything you need to know to request an insurance policy quote.

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Thinking of purchasing a new insurance policy but don't know where to start? The internet is full of insurance companies competing to provide the best possible quote, but how do you request one and what documents do you need? To help you out with this and more, we’ve gathered some key information on third-party car insurance, life insurance, and home insurance. Let’s take a look.

What is third-party insurance?

Third-party insurance policies protect individuals in case of damage, and protect them from having to pay the cost of damages to any potentially injured parties. There are several types of third-party insurance, but here we’ll look at one of the most popular—car and vehicle insurance.

Requesting a third-party insurance quote for motor vehicles

To request a car insurance quote, you’ll need the following:

  • Your license plate number
  • Your tax code 
  • An official ID document
  • Your vehicle registration 
  • Your certificate of claims history

If you’re transferring your car insurance from one provider to another, your certificate of claims history (l’attestato di rischio) will be essential. This is an official document—almost always in digital form—that summarizes your insurance history. In it, you’ll find a summary of your recent car history, including any claims submitted over the previous 10 years. You’ll also be able to see your universal class (CU)—or your bonus malus class—which goes from 18 (most expensive) to 1 (cheaper). This number will determine the total value of your insurance premium. 

Your certificate of claims history is essential for switching to a new policy with a different insurance company. The company you want to switch to will procure this document from a database managed by ANIA (Associazione Nazionale Imprese Assicuratrici). You can access your certificate at any time on your insurance company’s website, or ask them to send it to you by email or post.

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Requesting a life insurance quote

Life insurance is a type of policy that guarantees one or more individuals (referred to as “beneficiaries”) a fixed amount in the event of economic difficulty, death, serious illness, or disability of the insured. Life insurance policies carry certain tax incentives, and you can deduct the premium costs when filing your return. 

If you want to request a quote for a life insurance policy, the insurance company will give you a questionnaire to fill out with the following information used to calculate risk:

  • Your profession
  • Your lifestyle, including whether or not you smoke
  • Medical records, including any information on hereditary diseases

After taking out a life insurance policy, you’ll need to promptly communicate any change of profession—as well as any other alteration to your lifestyle or health conditions—so that your company can recalculate the risk and the premium amount.

Requesting a home insurance quote

To apply for home insurance, you’ll need to compile the following information:

  • Personal data, such as your residential address. This is important for determining the level of risk imposed by the area in which you live.
  • The type of building you live in. For example, is it an apartment in a condominium, a small building, house, or villa?
  • Type of use. Is the building your property, or is it rented or owned by concession?
  • Habitual residence. Is the property your home or residence?
  • The total area of the house, excluding the appurtenances.
  • The amount to be insured.
  • Payment terms. These can be one-time, monthly, or at some other interval.

There are a variety of home insurance policies that will cover you in the case of extreme events—such as fire—or offer total protection for the building, its contents, and its inhabitants. 

In addition, home policies may include liability coverage or damage to third parties, such as neighbors, guests, or passers-by. This coverage consists of two types:

  • Liability coverage for the home
  • Liability coverage for vehicles and family

Property liability coverage protects against damage to third parties that occur on the property as a result of the building, while vehicle and family liability insurance covers any damage caused by the incorrect behavior of those who own or rent the house. This might include an accident caused by the carelessness of a tenant, or by the incorrect use of objects or appliances—such as flooding due to washing machine misuse.

Insurance quotes and price comparisons

Requesting a policy quote is free and non-binding, so we recommend thoroughly researching offers, both on and offline. If you know which company you’d like to open a policy with, simply go to their office in-person or ask for an online quote on the company's website. If you’re still not sure, websites like assicurazione.it, segugio.it or facile.it allow you to compare different policies. There, you can customize basic insurance by adding options that fit your circumstances and decide on your installment period.

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