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Here’s how to top-up your mobile phone online

A brief overview on how to top-up your mobile phone online, and through mobile apps.

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Mobile phones have become essential tools in our lives. Once used just to make phone calls, they’re now an indispensable tool for day-to-day navigation, reading books and getting up to speed with the news, watching videos, sharing content, making payments, and much more.

And like every service, smartphones have management costs too—top-ups being the most common. Thanks to innovative technologies, we can top-up our mobile phones effortlessly! Our guide will show you how to top-up your mobile phone online in just a few easy steps.

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Topping up your mobile phone online

Top-up your phone online using a card, by debiting your account, using online payment services or through an app. 

Topping up your mobile phone online from a website

Most likely, you can top-up your mobile phone using your provider’s website. All the major operators give their clients the option to directly top-up from their websites—you don’t always need to log into your account. On most websites, all you need to do is enter your phone number and select your preferred payment method from the following options: digital payment services, card payments, or by adding money to your bank account.

Banks often offer the option of topping up major providers' mobile phones directly from their home banking platforms. All you need to do is log into your bank’s home banking platform and make sure your mobile phone provider is on the list. Then, simply enter your information to complete the operation.

Topping up your mobile phone through an app

If you haven’t already done it, simply search for your provider’s app and download it from the App Store on your smartphone. Besides, you can usually top-up your mobile phone using many banking apps. Topping up your mobile phone in this way is quick and easy—just log into the top-up section and choose an amount. If you’re using your mobile phone provider’s app, select the payment method that you prefer.

Topping up your mobile phone online automatically

Is manually topping up your mobile phone time-consuming? Many providers offer the option of convenient automatic top-ups—also called auto-recharges. This service allows you to have always enough residual credit to guarantee your service by adding a fixed amount to your account. You can activate the service for when your credit drops below a certain limit, a set date, or on an ongoing basis. 

In most cases, you can charge the top-up to your card or pay using a digital payment system. Some providers also offer the option to debit the transaction directly to your bank account. You can activate automatic top-ups from your account on your provider’s website—or in most cases, directly from the app.

Advantages of topping up your mobile phone online

Topping up your phone online is fast, easy, and immediate. You can complete this user-friendly operation quickly and in just a few steps. Besides, the credit will be transferred to your phone instantly. Topping up your mobile phone online is entirely safe. The process is protected by a data encryption system (TLS), and by secure and certified connections.

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Topping up your mobile phone online with N26—the 100% mobile bank

Topping up your mobile phone online is fast and easy. You can quickly top-up your credit in just a few steps and have your phone service always available. With N26, you can top-up your phone credit directly from your smartphone. Simply open the N26 app and go to the “Actions” section. Next, tap on “Send money” and select “Other Payments.” From the menu, select “Top-up your mobile.” 

You’ll be redirected to the service provider’s site. From there, you can complete the transaction in just a few steps, wherever and whenever you want. It’s that simple! Discover our services and how to manage your payments hassle-free with N26.

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