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Your universal gift guide: 5 ideas guaranteed to bring joy to all

Whether you’re having a family reunion, spending New Year’s Eve with a loved-one, or getting together with friends over the festive season, chances are you’ll want to give gifts to those closest to you. But it can be a challenge sometimes, especially for friends that pride themselves on their good taste, or those that seem to ‘have it all’ already.

Even when you think you know a person inside-out, sometimes it’s hard to think of the perfect gift that will light up their face with joy. So, here’s some inspo for innovative (and easy) gifting—and what’s more, you’ll barely have to wrap or carry these gifts! Here are our top five ideas for this holiday season.

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1. Something to remember

These days, our priorities lie with collecting experiences and creating wonderful memories rather than accumulating ‘things.’ Perhaps your mom/best friend/better-half has always talked about doing a bungee jump, or maybe they would love to chill out on a blissful spa day. If that’s not their scene, why not consider tickets to see their favourite band or play? Whatever they’re into, buying an experience is a lovely way to show you care and give them a gift that they will remember for years to come.

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2. Licence to spend

Gifting a voucher may sound unoriginal, but secretly everyone relishes the chance to pick and choose for themselves. Whether it’s books, clothes from their favorite store, or theater tickets, take the time to consider what’s important to those precious to you. If you’re worried a voucher’s a bit impersonal, why not present it in a hand-made card with a heartfelt message inside?

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3. Special deliveries

Subscriptions have come a long way over the last few years, whether it’s wine, coffee, beauty products, or their favorite newspaper or magazine, there are some great options out there. So, get your thinking hat on and bring the cheer all year with monthly subscriptions.

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4. Join the club

Whether they’re an avid gym-goer, movie fan or art-lover, memberships are a great way to encourage your loved ones to pursue their passions. A premium pass to their favourite gallery, movie theatre chain or gym class will not only mean that they will get to do the things they enjoy, but they’ll receive extra members’ perks, too. They may even get to bring a friend for free, and surely you’re first in line?

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5. Make a difference

For the person that has everything, or those who really don’t want any more ‘things,’ a charitable gift is an excellent choice. Adopt a homeless animal or endangered species on their behalf (not literally, of course, but they’ll receive pictures and updates on their adoptee’s progress.) Or you could sponsor a child or a community in need, whether that’s close to home or on the other side of the world. It’s an eco-friendly, purposeful gift that’ll help those who need it most and leave you (and the receiver) happy that you’re making a positive impact.

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