N26 x NordVPN — Save big on your VPN plan

When it comes to your data, safety matters. That’s why we’ve partnered with NordVPN to give N26 customers 68% off a top-of-the-line VPN plan. Read on to learn more.

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N26 smartphone and three books on a table in a dark yellow tone.

Introducing N26 Insurance—sign up to on-demand phone coverage from your N26 app

N26 now offers mobile phone insurance! Sign up in minutes and digitally manage your policy, all in the N26 app.

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Business Metal card.

Introducing N26 Business Metal—the premium business account for entrepreneurs, with 0.5% cashback

Discover N26 Business Metal, a new generation business account that comes packed with benefits, and our statement metal card.

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N26 Metal card held by an elevated hand with map of Europe in the background.

N26 Metal, You and Business You now available in Greece and Slovenia

Travel insurance and free ATM withdrawals abroad – N26 premium bank accounts are now available in Greece and Slovenia!

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N26 partner logos.

Our premium accounts now come with even more exclusive discounts and partner offers

Taking personalized, premium banking to the next level, N26 You and Metal now come with even more exclusive discounts and offers.

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N26 You.

N26 You: a bank account suited to your personality

Banking becomes personal with N26 You, a membership with travel insurance, a choice of card colors and more.

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Black "N26 Metal" card on top of a concrete block.

Introducing: N26 Metal premium account benefits

Hello EU! N26 Metal is available now in almost all European countries we operate in. Discover the premium account with the metal card, plus much more.

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N26 Business Black launches in 16 more European countries.

Do business with the world. With Business Black you can.

Business Black for freelancers comes with travel insurance, extended warranty and 0,1% cashback on purchases. And now it’s available in 16 more European countries!

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How we transformed a bank card into a lifestyle product

Our thoughts on physical card design in an era of digital products

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N26 metal card in rose.

Branding the N26 Metal Experience

N26 Metal may have caught your eye. Read below for a peek into the process of branding the Metal experience.

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N26 Access.

N26 Access - A look inside The Mobile Bank

N26 Access gives you a behind the scenes glimpse into our N26 event that took place in Berlin on June 13th, with several speakers, including CEO Valentin Stalf.

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A person holding an N26 Mastercard and a smartphone with the N26 app open.

When N26 Met Mastercard

Find out more about why N26 partnered with Mastercard and what it means for you as a customer.

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