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N26 x Perlego: Save 50% on textbooks

Say goodbye to spending tons of money on textbooks! With Perlego, you get access to a huge online library of books and academic texts — and N26 customers save 50% off the first 3 months.

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Whether you’re working towards a degree or taking continued education classes, books are still a tried-and-true learning resource. Depending on how complex your studies or area of interest are, however, you’ll probably need more than one or two books — it’s more likely that you’ve got an entire stack of reading materials. That can get expensive in the long run, especially if you’re a student!

Save money on books with Perlego

Fortunately, there's Perlego, the online library with more than 1 million academic texts and nonfiction textbooks on over 1,000 subjects, from business to history to design. Easily access any book from the comfort of your home or on the go using your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer — you’ll spare yourself from lugging books around and can save a lot of money in the process. Plus, Perlego's built-in study tools make writing your term papers easier and more efficient. You can add notes to important sections within a text, or directly insert the right footnotes with just one click.

Best of all, not only can you enjoy a free trial period with Perlego, but as an N26 customer, you also receive a 50% discount on the first 3 months of your Perlego monthly subscription.

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How can I redeem this offer?

Just follow these simple steps to benefit from this offer:

  1. Head to the Explore section of your N26 app
  2. Select Perlego in the Perks section
  3. Tap Copy code and visit site
  4. If you visit the site directly through the link, the discount will be applied automatically. If you visit the site manually, just copy the code and paste it in at checkout.
  5. That’s it — good luck with your studies!

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