Deposit money while you shop with CASH26

It’s never been easier to withdraw and deposit cash into your N26 account. With CASH26 you can do it while you’re shopping. Just select the amount you need, generate a barcode in the app and give it to the cashier at any one of the participating CASH26 partner stores to scan.

Deposit money while you shop with CASH26
Make your cash digital

Make your cash digital

Deposit your cash while you shop and top up your N26 account instantly. CASH26 gives you more ways to use your account.

Save yourself the trip to the bank

CASH26 is available to you at 126 partner stores across Italy, so you don’t need to make an extra trip to the bank. Find your nearest CASH26 location in the app.

Your time is important to us - CASH26

More of what you need.
Less of what you don’t.

Sign up for an N26 account in minutes and start banking your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I withdraw and deposit using CASH26?

CASH26 is available to you in 126 supermarket locations operated by the Pam group (Pam supermarkets, Pam superstores and Pam Panorama) with more stores and locations to be announced over the coming months. You can also use CASH26 whenever you’re visiting Germany or Austria. Read this article to discover how it works.

What does it cost to deposit with CASH26?

You can deposit up to €100 a month into your account for free, then there’s a 1,5% charge on the total amount above that. Cash deposits with CASH26 are limited to €999 (minimum €50 per deposit) within 24 hours. For more details, see our pricing list.

What does it cost to withdraw with CASH26?

Cash withdrawals with CASH26 are always free! You can withdraw up to €900 within 24 hours (up to €200 per transaction).

How does it work?

CASH26 works in your N26 app. Just open it up and tap the plus button on your Main Account tab and select CASH26. Select deposit or withdraw and input the amount.

It’ll show you a barcode. Keep this open on your phone when you go to the cashier. They’ll scan it and take your money and your account should update immediately.