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Your Italian summer: travel with N26 for extra peace of mind

Read our tips to make the most out of your summer in Italy, and travel with extra peace of mind.

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After living in isolation and facing restrictions since last spring, we’re all longing for a well-deserved vacation. And even though we’ve had to give up on so many of our travels around the world this year, that doesn’t mean that we have to completely rule out our summer—quite the opposite, in fact!

This is the perfect time to realize that we don't have to go far for an unforgettable holiday, be it with your family or friends. From beautiful villages and breathtaking views of mountain resorts, to wonderful beaches and crystal clear seas, Italy offers destinations for all tastes and budgets.

In the next few weeks, join us as we rediscover the best spots our country has to offer, and explore tips that will help you make the most of your Italian summer.

And if you want to enjoy your holidays with extra peace of mind, don’t forget to bring your N26 bank account with you to manage your money in real-time, even when you’re away from home.

Banking at your fingertips

Whether it's on the beach in Salento or on the shore of Lake Braies, N26 You always gives you full control of your money—just open your app to check your balance, and manage your transactions in real-time. And if you lose your card along the path through the woods, you can lock it with a tap of your finger from the N26 app.

Fast, easy and secure—try contactless payments

Forget cash: with N26, you only need your smartphone! Just add your N26 Mastercard to your mobile wallet, and start paying from your phone—you only need to hold it close to the payment terminal. And if you happen to need cash, remember that N26 lets you withdraw money in Italy for free. Just open your app, and check out the map to find the closest ATM.

Planning your holiday budget has never been easier

Spaces lets you create sub-accounts for your saving goals. It’s the perfect solution to planning your holiday budget with no hassle. Here’s an example:

  • Create your “Vacation 2020” sub-account for all your travel-related expenses—such as flight tickets or accommodation—and even create a “Meals” sub-account to set aside the amount you’d like to spend for meals during your holiday. Then, all you have to do is just drag and drop the amount you’d like to move from your main account to your spaces.
  • What if you could save money automatically? Well, N26 lets you do that too! With Rules, set up automatic transfers from your main account into your spaces. You decide the amount and frequency!
  • Want to make sure you don’t spend what you set aside before your holiday? Just lock your spaces with a tap, and only unlock it once your vacation starts.

Split the bill with a few taps

Is there anything better than dining out with your travel buddies to taste the local specialties? With N26, you can avoid the hassle of splitting the bills at the end of the evening—our MoneyBeam feature lets you send, receive and request money instantly from other contacts that also bank with N26.

And if your friends and family don’t have an N26 account? Just invite them to open theirs—and if they use your personal code, you’ll get a cash reward.

Your travels covered

Live your best life with zero hidden fees, exclusive perks, travel insurance & more.
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Your next adventure is covered

We’ve all been there—sometimes things just don’t go to plan. But, if the unexpected happens, it’s under control thanks to the extensive travel and lifestyle insurance included with N26 You and N26 Metal. This also includes if your trip is cancelled, or if your flight is delayed and or your luggage is lost—you’ll get compensated!

With N26 Metal, rest assured you’re also covered for car rentals away from home. Oh, and if you’ve lost your smartphone—no worries, that’s covered too.

Keep following us on our blog—and on Facebook or Instagram in the next few weeks—to find out all about our travel tips.

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