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What is the press saying about us? Here are our November 2020 press releases

Discover what the Italian press said about us this month.

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Interested to find out what Italy’s newspapers and media say about N26? Don't want to miss out on all the latest news about our products and features?

Below you’ll find a selection of the main articles, interviews and mentions published about N26 in the Italian press this month. Enjoy reading!

  • How to save with your smartphoneVanity Fair, November 13, 2020: According to a global study conducted by N26, 27% of Italians are paying more attention to their finances and 34% have already given up on non-essential expenses since the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Gender equality: a survey across 100 countries - D La Repubblica, November 18, 2020: A study commissioned by N26, the global Mobile Bank, ranks 100 countries based on how close they are to achieving gender equality and highlights the most important goals achieved by women in the workplace in the last few years.
  • An Italian hi-tech banker for the European growth of N26Forbes Italia, November 27, 2020: Interview to Andrea Isola, General Manager Italy and South East Europe of N26: "N26 already has 5 million customers and we want to reach 50 million in the next few years. In September 2019, we had 500,000 customers in Italy but we aim to reach 1 million. People's habits are changing, there is a strong push towards digital solutions and the quality of the service is more important than ever".
  • N26 launches the new N26 Smart accountTom's Hardware, November 30, 2020: N26, the Mobile Bank, has launched N26 Smart—its third premium subscription offering that joins N26 You and N26 Metal.

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