Hidden costs and inflated bills? NeN and N26 make your life easier

While we’re disrupting the banking industry, NeN is doing the same when it comes to utilities. And we’ve now teamed up to offer you a special promotion.

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Long queues, mountains of paperwork, confusing jargon—for decades, the banking industry has remained institutional and dysfunctional for many. Until N26 came along, that is—a mobile bank on a mission to disrupt the way you manage your money through a simple, transparent and 100% mobile experience. 

In this sense, we have a lot in common with NeN, a new gas and electricity provider created to optimize the utilities industry. Forget bureaucracy, inflated bills and hidden costs—NeN works just like your favorite subscriptions. It offers you a monthly fee (updated every year according to your actual energy consumption) and it’s fully digital, allowing you to manage everything online or from the NeN app. 

As NeN would say: “if it sounds easy, that’s because it is”. But this isn’t all—the provider is also 100% green and sustainable. This is because it only buys energy that comes from Italy-based photovoltaic, wind and hydroelectric power plants.

Your special offer

As N26 customer, you’re eligible for a discount on your first year with NeN. Keen to find out how much you’ll pay per month? It’s easy—just visit the NeN website, insert your N26 promo code and upload one of your current bills. It only takes a few minutes to sign up for NeN, and you can do it directly from your smartphone.

How do I unlock my discount?

If you already have an N26 account, simply follow these steps to enjoy your special offer with NeN:

  1. Open your N26 app and go to the Explore tab
  2. Find you unique promocode in the Discounts section
  3. Insert your promocode on the NeN website and get your monthly fee. That’s it! 

Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer!

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