Over 400 Carrefour supermarkets will soon accept CASH26!

Make withdrawals or deposit cash with just a wave of your smartphone at the cash register at Carrefour.

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There’s no doubt that 2020 saw a huge boost in digital payments, from physical cards to virtual cards to payment apps. Digital payments are fast, simple, and—most of all—safe.

Even in this increasingly digital age, however, sometimes you need real cash, or really need to add some cash to your bank account. In these cases, CASH26 is the best solution to get cash onto or out of your N26 account. All it takes is simply scanning a barcode on your smartphone at the checkout counter of affiliated supermarkets.

From February 2021, over 400 new Carrefour supermarkets across Italy will participate in CASH26—230 of which will be active in Lombardy and Piedmont from February 1. These new Carrefour supermarkets will be added to our existing network, which already includes 500 Pam and PENNY supermarkets across the country. With these new additions, soon you’ll be able to withdraw or deposit cash at over 1000 CASH26 supermarkets in Italy!

How does it work?

Using CASH26 is easy. Open your N26 app and go to the Cards section from the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen. Tap on CASH26, select Deposit or Withdraw and insert your desired amount. The app will show you a barcode—keep it open on your phone and go to the cashier to have it scanned. Then you’ll be able to deposit or withdraw cash in real time.

Want to know more about the limits and the fees that apply? Check out our CASH26 page.

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