We’ve reached over 300.000 customers in Italy.

We’ve reached over 300.000 customers in Italy

We’ve hit another important milestone in 2019! Read all about our 300.000 N26 customers in Italy.

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It’s definitely time to celebrate: we’ve hit the 300.000 customer mark in Italy. Why is this figure so significant, you might wonder? Well, last July we announced 100.000 Italian customers, so the latest update means that we’ve tripled the amount of customers who bank with us in only 6 months.

Good news travels fast, and we know that milestone couldn’t have been reached so quickly without the support of our customers, who have shared their excitement for our products and the way it’s revolutionized their banking experience with their friends and families.

Our aim is to continue to make everyday banking smoother and more transparent than ever, and it seems that our Italian customers have really enjoyed having their finances at their fingertips – not just when managing their everyday financial activities, but also when they’re out exploring the world.

As Francisco Sierra, Head of European Markets at N26, explained, “We’re really proud of this milestone. Our customers and their financial challenges are at the heart of everything we do, and we are striving everyday to build products that can meet the needs of our users and allow them to save money and time. We’re already doing this for 300.000 people in Italy, and we believe the number will continue to increase.”

If we take a closer look at the Italian market, we see that more than 40% of the Italian users who signed up for N26 are aged 18-30. However, digital lifestyle banking isn’t just for millennials: a significant portion of our customers are aged over 35. Most of them live in big cities with Milan, Rome and Naples being the top 3. And big cities are precisely the location for our latest out-of-home advertising campaign, #26motivi (#26reasons).

A little over a week ago, we announced that $ 300 million was raised at the close of our Series D funding round along with 2,3 million customers in 24 countries, but it could be that the best is yet to come. We can’t wait to celebrate more milestones with you.

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