Keyboard and lock as a metaphor of Security.
Technology & Security

Online scams: how to spot fraud and stay safe on the web

Make sure you stay safe online by learning all you need to know on avoiding online scams with this handy guide.

Stay safe while online shopping.
Technology & Security

Stay safe while online shopping—here’s how to protect your money and your data

Spending more time inside? Shop smart with these online shopping tips

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Social engineering: learn how to protect yourself against this deceptive crime

Learn about social engineering to protect yourself against this particularly deceptive form of fraud.

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Phishing: how to avoid being hooked by online fraud

Don’t get hooked by phishing. Learn about this deceptive cybercrime to stay safe online.

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Tips for secure mobile banking

From protecting your password to locking your screen, read our 5 essential tips for secure mobile banking.

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Technology & Security

Tips for secure online banking

Online banking has transformed our finances. Here's how to stay secure while managing your money.

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What is PSD2 and what does it mean for me?

Learn here what PSD2 is and how we developed N26 to allow open banking and a strong customer authentication process.

An iPhone X with the N26 app open on it and an N26 Metal card laying on a wooden surface.
Technology & Security

How do you create a strong and secure password?

Find out everything you need to know about choosing secure passwords and PINs.