Gino Cordt

Chief Technology Officer

Gino Cordt, N26.
N26 meeting room.

Meet Gino Cordt

As the Chief Technology Officer of N26, Gino Cordt oversees the company’s Data and Technology divisions, with the critical responsibility of bringing information and security together while building the digital bank the world loves to use.

Get to know Gino

With diverse experience in retail, private equity, capital markets and strategy consulting, Gino has always had a passion for data and all things technical.

Gino joined the company as Head of Data, and eventually came to serve as Chief Data Officer for N26. He continues to bring a strong focus on data-driven insight and innovation to his role today. Previously Gino has previous experience working in private equity at The Watermill Group, in management consultancy at Corporate Value Associates, and in Banking at Goldman Sachs.

He holds a degree in Accounting & Finance (M.A. HSG) from the University of St. Gallen.

A deeper look

From his passion for collaboration, to his experience bringing innovative features to the app, learn more about what motivates N26 CTO Gino Cordt.

“It’s amazing to see how different people are and how different they work. If you get the right mix of people together and get them to collaborate, great things can happen.”

N26 Highlights

  • 2015

    Joined N26 as Head of Data

  • 2017

    Became N26’s Chief Data Officer, and drove an insights and data-driven approach to the company’s growing marketing function

  • 2019

    Became Chief Technology Officer, responsible for N26’s Tech and Data divisions

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