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Being mobile means quick and simple solutions to tough problems. That’s why we work with technology to keep your bank account, app, and Mastercard safe and secure.

The first responsibility of any bank is to earn your trust. You deposit money into the bank with the firm expectation that it will be protected. Nobody else should be able to access your account unexpectedly, get away with fraudulent purchases, or steal your personal information. All of these fundamental rules apply at N26. We have a modern setup—100% mobile banking from your phone—but our basic promise to you is the same. Here are some of the security features that support this promise.

EU deposit guarantee and privacy protection

First and foremost, the deposits of any N26 bank account are guaranteed up to €100,000 by the Deposit Guarantee Scheme in accordance with EU directives. Whether you opened your N26 bank account in Germany, France, Ireland, Slovenia, or any of our other markets, your deposits are safe. This legal protection applies to banks across the EU, and because we’re a fully licensed European bank, it applies to us, too. The second major point is that all your data is protected under German privacy law. We understand the sensitive nature of financial services and how to handle that kind of information.

Mobile security for safe mobile banking

When you open an N26 bank account, you have to pair it to your phone with a pairing code. Your account can’t be accessed by anyone else from any other phone as long as it’s paired to your phone. If you happen to lose your phone, we can obviously guide you through the process of retrieving your account. You also have full control over the particulars of your account on a daily basis—decide whether to immediately lock your card if it gets lost, reset your PIN, set withdrawal and payment limits, and enable online or foreign payments. You’ll also get an instant push notification after all account activity, so you’re up to date at all times.

3D Secure for advanced fraud protection

3D Secure (3DS) is an authentication step that helps prevent fraud when you make online card purchases. Our 3DS initiative is called Mastercard SecureCode, and you’ll see it if you make an online purchase that may be risky.

Bug Bounty Program

We believe in working with the security research community around the world to constantly keep our security and our app up to date. The N26 Bug Bounty program offers cash rewards to encourage security researchers to inform us about bugs or vulnerabilities, so that we can fix them long before any damage is done.

With digital banking is my money safe?

For even more information about our state of the art security, see the security page on the N26 website.

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